The camera delivers crisp, clear picture.

I’ve always wanted to be in two places at once. By that, I mean I’m curious as to what goes on at home when I’m not there. Whether it be a roommate, pets, children, or possibly a burglar. In any of those scenarios I want to be able to access the camera(s) from my phone anywhere and possibly have the camera move if I couldn’t afford multiple cameras.

Onwote’s IP Network Camera comes to the rescue. In my search to fill my house watching void, I ran across this easy to use camera. Setting up other similar cameras have been rather tedious if you don’t have a masters degree. Onwote has several different ways to configure the IP Camera. The One Key Wifi Configuration is one of the easiest set ups I have encountered for any connected device. After downloading the free Eyecloud 2.0 app from either the App Store or Android Market ( I chose the App Store) and registering a free account, add the camera to the account and select the quick set up option. After powering on the camera with the supplied power cord the camera you follow the easy prompts on your smartphone screen.


After several prompts, your phone emits a high pitch noise and instructs you to point your smartphone speaker at the front of the camera where the microphone is located. After several seconds the camera magically (not really) pairs to your phone and asks for your wifi password. After putting in the password, then after entering the default password for the camera, you are all set up and ready to use. You can manually add your camera by scanning the QR code on the bottom of the unit. While this option is fairly quick and simple, it’s nowhere as time saving or as easy as the previous option. I didn’t even attempt the manual option to add your camera, seeing as it’s tethered by an Ethernet cable that’s included.


Once it was all set up the fun really began. The fun feature of the IP Camera is that the camera articulates, giving you multiple angles. After a little bit of tinkering in the Eyecloud 2.0 app, I was ready to go. Moving the camera around is simple with a vertical and horizontal button. There is a priest button where you can program six different viewing positions with a simple click of a button. Once you find the angle you want you just tap the blank preset button and it’s saved. It was fun clicking all of my presets and watching the camera zip to that position

ONWOTE IP Camera REVIEWAnother useful feature of the IP Camera is the ability to use the camera as an intercom system. You can tap the listen button and hear what’s happening In real time and if you also have the option to talk to whoever is near the camera. I will admit I did use this feature right off the bat to mess with my roommate who was clearly not aware of the feature. The ability to record what is happening in the camera view is very handy. There is a miniSd card slot (up to 64Gb) on the back on the base. If at anytime you want to record you just tap the record button and go for as long as you want or until the card fills up.

My biggest concern was picture quality. I was pleasantly surprised by how clear and crisp the images are. I tried several different lighting scenarios and the quality didn’t drop and if it did it was negligible to the naked eye. In low light, it works amazingly, almost as good as some high-end security cameras. Even going from lighted to almost no light, it’s a quick transition.

Overall, the IP Camera is easy to use, great picture quality, and a handy piece of equipment for home security.


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