When cryptocurrencies came along, most online businesses were reluctant to accept them. Casinos are among the first to embrace Bitcoin, as the fast, transparent, and private payment instrument. One decade later, it is used at many Internet gambling operators, including some that accept exclusively Bitcoin. The success of digital money at online casinos is hardly a surprise, given the preferences of Internet gamblers. In recent years, this trend has gained a lot of strength and more Bitcoin casinos are founded every month.

Cryptocurrency casinos go beyond Bitcoin

Bitcoin was the first digital currency and not surprisingly, the one that gained a lot of popularity worldwide. Since its inception, many other altcoins were created and some of them are now allowed at cryptocurrency casinos. Bitcoin remains at the cornerstone of their payment methods, but many operators also allow players to deposit in Ethereum, Dogecoin, Dash, and many other crypto alternatives and are embracing blockchain technology. This is the consequence of people using cryptocurrencies as short and long-term investments.

The decision to go beyond Bitcoin was made several years ago, with Ethereum being the main alternative. Today there are casinos that accept more than a dozen cryptocurrencies and allow players to deposit and withdraw funds using any of them. Cryptocurrency exclusive casinos represent the minority, with most operators providing a mix of classic and digital payment methods. The only requirement is for players to use the same payment method to deposit and cash out winnings to prevent money laundering and fraud.

Bitcoin casinos offer unique perks

There are strong reasons why gamblers have switched to cryptocurrency casinos in recent years. Not only those who use Bitcoin and other altcoins as investment instruments or speculative assets prefer to gamble at these casinos. There are also players who acquire the digital currency especially to make a deposit and play at these operators. One of the main reasons why these casinos are preferred is that they provide bigger than average bonuses, with reasonable wagering requirements.

Another perk of using Bitcoin technology as a payment method for new casino online players is anonymity and security. When using the latest smartphones like the iPhones or Samsung Galaxy editions — The new mobile technology, apps and security features enable players at online casinos to get help to where it is needed as quickly as possible if they feel they have a gambling problem.

Last but definitely not least, Bitcoin-friendly online casinos offer provably fair games. This is a fascinating concept for online gamers, especially those who choose to play against the algorithms. Rather than blindly trusting the software, players can check the fairness of the RNG themselves after each game. This adds a new layer of trust while making the online gambling experience more pleasant.