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Each time that I review the wall plug types, I am reminded that the American way works for Americans but we are not unique.  Some will never leave our country or perhaps the continent.  We take for granted the ability to plug our devices into any plug and for our devices to simply work.  Some become quickly aware that this does not work once you travel to new/exciting places.  Power standards, power frequencies, and plug types, have been regionally created/utilized.  It thus becomes incredibly important to use the correct plug type, to prevent potential catastrophy.  

Oneadaptr OneWorld Universal Travel Adapter  REVIEW

As our travel options have advanced, we have gained the ability to quickly reach remote corners of the world.  Bringing comforts along, we need options to charge our electronic devices.  There are currently 15 varieties of plug types throughout the world.  Living in North America, we rely on 2 wall types, Type A and Type B.  Traveling to Canada, Mexico and the USA, the Caribbean (and some of South America), will allow you to use a single outlet, type A, as you can plug a Type A into a Type B but not the other way around.  As you travel into South America, the plug types expand and more than five wall plug types are needed: Type C/E/F (Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay), Type N (Brazil), Type I (Argentina), Type C/L (Peru, Uruguay).  Interestingly, if you want to travel to the Falkland Islands you will need to find yourself a Type G outlet. Traveling to Europe/Asia, these options expand even further.  Like the USA, the majority of the regions still take C/E/F type plugs (Russia, much of EU) but some countries like the UK (Type G), Switzerland (Type C/E), Italy (Type C/L), India (Type D) for example utilize some different adaptors.  Africa, Asia, China, Australia, and a variety of other countries utilize the remaining thirteen non-American Standard wall plug types.  If you are going on a multi-country tour, check out the map and country list and take along a oneadaptr universal adaptr.

Oneadaptr OneWorld Universal Travel Adapter  REVIEW

The oneadaptr OneWorld Travel adaptor arrived in a 3 inches wide by 3 inches tall by 2 3/8 inches deep brown cardboard box.  I was a bit disappointed with the bland packaging.  The front panel had a 1 1/4 inches wide by 5/8 inches tall  blue OneWorld logo within a blue rectangle and a lower oneadaptr logo.  The right panel provided the same oneadaptr logo as the front cover but also listed “One World One Adaptr.”  I did not mind the logo abbreviating the word adapter but it was odd to see it abbreviated a second time, beneath the logo.  The opposite side panel had a large 13/16 inches wide by 7/8 inches tall blue power icon. The back panel listed “WORLDWIDE COMPATIBLE,” provided a 15/16 inches wide by 5/8 inches tall SKU sticker, and a variety of product symbols (Designed in Canada, Assembled in China, Home, CE, FCC, Do not throw away).  Lastly, the top and bottom panels were left unadorned.  


Within the packaging, I found an eight-panel instruction manual and a 2 11/16 inches long by 1 15/16 inches wide by 2 5/8 inches tall universal adaptor within an opaque plastic bag.   The instruction manual provided a useful labelled product overview.  The top of the charger had a fuse reset button, the front had a removable EU plug with universal AC outlet, the right side had three sliders for the USA/AUS/UK plugs and the lower section had a bank of USB ports (USB-C PD & QC, and three smart USB-A ports). Additionally, the company provided a small 5/8 inches QR code.  The device will accommodate 100-250V, 50-60Hz input and will output 10A max through the AC port.  The USB-C port (PD) will output 18W max at 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12/1.5A.  The USB-A ports will each provide output at 5V/2.4A. The setup of this device was rather ingenious.  The right side of the device (toward your left), had three unlabeled sliders.  If you look at the reverse face, you will find nine prong output points.  Pressing the upper slider inward allowed me to push the slider toward the back of the device.  When the slider reached the end, it clicked into place and the USA (also Canada/Mexico/Japan) Type B wall plug extended. To retract the plug for storage, press the slider in again and slide it back towards the front of the adapter.  Repeat the process for the middle slider to access the UK (and Ireland, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore, +) Type G wall plug.  Lastly, the lower slider will extend the Australia/China (also New Zealand, Argentina +) Type I wall plug.  

Oneadaptr OneWorld Universal Travel Adapter  REVIEW

To access the Type C (EU, South America, and Asia) wall plug, rotate the oneadaptr so that you can see the front.  Grip the upper edges of the faceplate and pull outward.  This will separate the EU plug from the resettable Fuse.  If visiting one of the above locations, you can plug the male adaptor into the wall and still access the universal female output port.  As an added bonus, you can plug the resettable fuse (any of the sliders) into the female output port and charge your USB devices with the added protection of the safety fuse.  I liked that the device allowed the user to charge via USB-A, USB-C and AC power individually or simultaneously.  With overload protection, the internal resettable fuse will trip when overloaded (I never experienced the need to use this feature).  Amazingly, the universal adaptor can accept types A, B, E, F, G, I, C, J, L, and N plugs.  It will not accept Type D (India), Type H (Israel, West Bank, Gaza), Type K (Denmark, Greenland), Type M (South Africa), or Type 0 (Thailand).  These will require a separate adaptor.  The oneadaptr can plug into types B, D, E, F, G, H, I K and O outlets but cannot plug into type A (USA/Canada/Mexico/Japan/Caribbean), Type C (Europe, South America and Asia), Type J (Switzerland and Liechtenstein), Type L (Italy and Chile), Type M (South Africa), Type N (Brazil and South Africa).  

The 7.16-ounce device is on the heavier end but still packable.  I loved the retractable wall plugs and the ability to charge devices using AC power and USB A and USB C.  Using a DROK USB-C Multimeter, and a DROK USB-A Multimeter, I evaluated the charging capability of the USB ports.   I plugged a USB-C to lightning cable into the DROK USB-C multimeter and the Multimeter into the USB-C port of the adaptor.  With my iPhone XS Max plugged into the lightning cable, the multimeter read 9.72V/1.75A.  I plugged a standard USB to lightning cable into the other multimeter and into an iPad Mini 4.  The USB multimeter read 5V/2A, even with the USB-C port occupied. Reversing this, the iPad charged at 5.09V/2.02A and the iPhone XS Max charged at 5.11V/2.05A.  I added two other USB-A cables to my son’s iPad Minis and each charged at 1.5-2A and maxed at 30W total output for the three outputs.  I plugged my iPad Pro via USB-C to lightning into the multimeter and found 12.1V/1.12-1.48A while my an iPad Mini 4 charged at 5.11V/1.94A.  I plugged a 10W USB brick into the AC output port and charged another iPad Mini 4 without any change to the USB power output.  At 18W max power output, 

Oneadaptr OneWorld Universal Travel Adapter  REVIEW

The device will double as a multi-port USB outlet without eliminating the AC outlet.  In addition travel adapter, this device will add another fuse between the power supply and your devices.  I loved that the USA Type B prongs did not block the upper wall outlet, when plugged into the lower outlet.   If USB-C is not needed, you can also purchase a dual USB-A version (5V/2.4A) of the oneadaptr for $10 less than the USB-C PD version.  At $49.99 and $39.99 respectively, this product is a no-brainer if you are going abroad.  The last bit of advice before traveling is to make sure that your tech can accommodate the power output of the country that you are visiting.  Most of our smart devices will regulate the power and the voltage does not matter as much to you.  This matters more for bathroom/kitchen appliances like hair driers, flat irons, toasters, hair clippers etc.  Many of these are now dual voltage and will regulate power supply like your iPhone/iPad.  Many of these needs can be met wherever your travels will take you, but at the risk of sounding cliche, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Check out the products from oneadaptr and more specifically, the OneWorld collection. 

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