Portability at it’s finest except when it gets hot

When I first saw this USB-C charging hub I was pretty interested to see how well it would perform. Something my MacBook Pro lacked was any USB-A ports as this machine only rocks the amazing USB-C ports. This wonderful as I really would like to see everything move to USB-C. This, however, is also a curse as I’m always running into things I need to charge via the older style USB ports. Most USB hubs I’ve worked with use the older USB 2.0 and have yet to move to USB 3. Hence my excitement about a nice hub with Power Delivery (PD) that can charge my devices quicker with Qualcomm Quick Charge.


The Evri 80W USB-C Charging Station is designed with the mobile professional in mind. It can be difficult to find a portable charger that provides enough power for professional-grade laptops like the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, which requires more power than other MacBooks. The Evri charger provides enough power to charge any USB-C laptop on the market today. This charger comes with 4 Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 ports to allow for fast charging of many smartphones and tablets. The charging dock supports USB-C power delivery 2.0 quick charge and has 4 USB-A ports. The dock is ultra slim (L:4.4 x W:3.92 x H:0.8 in) and only weighs 238 grams. Oneadaptr has structured this charger with multiple safety features including over current, over voltage, over temperature, and short circuit protection.

  • Input: AC 100-240V 50 / 60Hz 1.8A
  • Output: DC 5-20V 3.5A (MAX)
  • Power: 80W (MAX)

The box is labeled with plenty of information on it and has a nice photo of the product along with the Qualcomm logo. When opening it the first thing you will see is the plastic housing that is protecting the hub. The plastic houses the hub, USB-C cable, cooling rack stand, and a power cable to the hub. Behind the plastic, you will find slid into the box the instructions pamphlet.


After unboxing the hub I first wanted to use the USB-C cable that was provided and plugin my 15″ MacBook Pro with TouchBar to the oneadaptr to see if it would by chance be strong enough to charge it. The problem with most USB-C “PD” Power Delivery hubs is that they don’t provide the amount of power required to charge the 15″ MacBook Pro. I have found them all to do a wonderful job on the MacBook and even some on the 13″ MacBook Pro with TouchBar. Yet the 15″ MacBook needs 87W of power to charge the battery. The packaging of the oneadaptr says it’s only capable of 80W so with that said I would think it would not be able to push the power needed for my laptop.

I have found in the Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD to surprisingly have the power to charge a 15″ MacBook Pro even though it technically should not be able too. With that said I started with checking if the oneadaptr had the might to do it. As you can see in the screenshot above, my Mac it thinks it’s connected to the power adapter and with no issues, the Evri Charging Station charged my MacBook Pro back up to 100%. One thing to note is that the charging station did run a bit hot. I was getting a reading of 97º on one side of the hub and 111º on the other side while it was actively charging from the USB-C port. The image below shows a temperature of 104 degrees, but it did eventually reach the 111 degrees I indicated above.

My next test was to charge the Anker PowerCore as it needs a pretty hefty power adapter to juice it back to full power. The temperature readings I got were the same as when the MacBook Pro was charging. I was getting up to 111 degrees on one side and between 97º and 99º on the other. This could be why they include a stand labeled as the “cooling rack” with the charging station. What I have found with the Anker battery is that it took longer to charge one percent of it then it did to charge four percent of the MacBook Pro.


All in all, this is a nice USB-C charging hub that can power more then it lists. I juiced my iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro, and Anker battery up with this device even though it did take what seems like forever to get my Anker battery topped off. The only device I didn’t try charging with the hub was my Nintendo Switch, but knowing that the Evri Charging Station could provide enough power for my laptop, I’m certain that it will work for the Switch as well. The hub did put off more heat then I would have liked, but if you are ok with using the stand to keep it off your tabletop then it’s a nice option for powering all of your USB-A and USB-C devices.

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