+ONE is a social app designed to uncomplicate the process of coordinating dinner plans and other get-togethers with friends.

I’ll be honest, it was difficult to test this application because no one else I know has it (no surprise there, as it’s pretty new), and my trusty group of people who I usually make download apps with me so I can review them were all out of commission this week. One thing that made this worse was that there’s no way to send event invitations from the app to people who do not already have it. If you go to invite someone without +ONE, it will give you an error message. So in order to use this app, you first have to get everyone you want to invite to things to download the app.

+ONE iOS App REVIEW Simple Event Creation +ONE iOS App REVIEW Simple Event Creation

In +ONE, you can easily create events. There is a static menu bar across the bottom of the screen with home, a new event, and “What To Do?” options. The first shows you your events and profile. The last lets you search for points of interest using Foursquare. To create an event, you need to give it a title, date, time, RSVP deadline, and either a location or a location vote. I personally did not like the mandatory RSVP thing, as the latest you can set the RSVP deadline is the day before the event. Voting for an event also ends the day before and doesn’t allow other invitees/attendees to add voting options. They can ask for other options to be added in the event chat, however, and the event creator can edit it. Once a location is decided, you may have the name of the place, but there’s no way to navigate to that place in the app.

+ONE iOS App REVIEW Simple Event Creation +ONE iOS App REVIEW Simple Event Creation

My first impression of +ONE was that it basically does what Facebook Events does, and upon better acquaintance with the app, I have found that I was basically right. Unfortunately for +ONE, I think FB has a distinct advantage in that it already has a wide user base (because who wants to download repetitive apps?) and has hammered out the little bugs.

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