BuddyPhones+ launches to protect young hearing as virtual learning, gaming and video watching increase among children.

From remote learning and in-school computer lessons to gaming, listening to music and watching videos, kids spend more time than ever before with devices. To safely meet this growing demand, ONANOFF, a global innovator in children’s audio products, today unveils a series of upgrades to its best-selling BuddyPhones range of headphones. With a slew of new audio features and fun, customizable designs, the enhanced BuddyPhones+ range features three models – Explore+, Play+, and Cosmos+ – which are optimized for different use cases and age ranges.

“As technology becomes integral to more aspects of children’s lives and at increasingly younger ages, the need for safe audio products is even more critical than it was a decade ago when we launched our first headphones,” said Petur Olafsson, CEO and Founder of ONANOFF. “With children now using technology for education as well as entertainment, we upgraded our BuddyPhones series to provide a new level of protection for children’s hearing. Now parents can relax and know that when it’s time for their kids to participate in a virtual lesson or watch videos that their hearing is protected.”

While adults are aware of the risk of damaging their hearing, kids often don’t understand the long-term impact of turning the volume up on their devices. The CDC estimates 12.5% of children and adolescents aged 6–19 years have suffered permanent damage to their hearing as a result of earphones and devices turned to a high volume. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, on average, children ages 8-12 in the United States spend 4-6 hours a day watching or using screens, posing a risk to hearing if not closely managed.

Although noise induced hearing loss cannot be reversed, it can be prevented by ensuring young ears are suitably protected. The best way to protect children from progressive hearing loss is to equip them with a pair of headphones that limits how loud the volume can go. Launched in 2010, ONANOFF was founded to meet this need. Using a built-in, always on, sound control circuit to cap the volume at levels recommended for children by the World Health Organization, BuddyPhones are tailor-made for kids to be the toughest, safest sound solutions available. The upgraded BuddyPhones+ series continues this mission with three new products that safely support children’s growing use of technology and evolving personalities with customizable headphones that allow them to get creative and have fun.

BuddyPhones+ Series

The BuddyPhones+ series brings upgrades to the best-selling BuddyPhones headphones, Explore, Play and Cosmos. Designed for children, the new Explore+, Play+, and Cosmos+ headphones feature several enhancements to provide a fun, customized audio experience while protecting the hearing of young and developing ears.

The BuddyPhones+ series also features new, more durable designs, travel cases for easy transport, and even more ways to personalize the headphones. Available in six color options (CoolBlue, RosePink, SunYellow, GreyMatter, DeepBlue, and SnowWhite), Explore+, Play+, Cosmos+ all come with stickers for kids to decorate to their hearts’ delight. From mad scientists to loony lions and fun pirates to magical unicorns, the stickers can be mixed and matched to create countless imaginative themes.


Released earlier this year for $29.99, Explore+ are perfect headphones to use every day and on the go. Its all-new, foldable design, along with its comfortable and adjustable headband with enhanced ear cushioning, makes it easy for kids to wear anywhere, including at school and on errands. To protect the child’s hearing, Explore+ incorporates volume-limiting circuitry that caps loudness at 85dB. The detachable BuddyCable has a built-in microphone and control button for call and playback functions. Additionally, it comes with the BuddyJack audio splitter for sharing.


Available starting today at $49.99, Play+ brings an overhaul of features and a sleek new look. To protect the child’s hearing, Play+ has three volume-limiting levels to choose from (75-85-94dB), allowing sound to be given a safe boost when needed in noisy surroundings, such as on a plane.

Play+ offers ONANOFF’s patented StudyModeTM feature, which helps isolate voices from other sounds, producing crisper, clearer vocals for studying or watching lessons, as well as BuddyLink, the capability to pair two headphones together. It enjoys a 20-hour battery life when used wirelessly and can also be used without a battery using a traditional wired connection.


Cosmos+, available at the end of May for $99.99, brings an upgrade to ONANOFF’s flagship wireless kid’s headphone. Cosmos+ features StudyMode, a beam mic and provides active noise cancellation to block out distracting background noise. This allows children to listen clearly without turning the volume up needlessly high. Like Play+, Cosmos+ has three volume-limiting levels to choose from and has a BuddyLink for sharing. It also offers 24-hour battery life for wireless use or a wired connection option.


Explore+ ($29.99) and Play+ ($49.99) are now available on onanoff.com, buddyphones.com and Amazon. Cosmos+ will be available starting in late-May for $99.99.

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