In honor of the summer season kicking off and more people heading on outdoor adventures, omnicharge will be offering BOGO deals on its premium, portable power banks to keep you adventuring longer!

omnicharge: OMNI 20+ 

Powerful, portable power for all your devices – even in the most remote of locations. 

  • An all-in-one portable solution enabling everyone from digital nomads to outdoor photographers to keep everything charged – no matter what device is keeping them productive, playful and exploring.
  • The OMNI 20+ doesn’t skimp when it comes to power, despite its sleek, compact design that can fit in any purse or backpack. 
  • Equipped with 2 USB 3.0 ports, a single USB-C input/output and a DC power outlet, users can charge or power anything from a tablet to a guitar amp.
  • Built for all lifestyles, the OMNI 20+ is durable enough for the off-the-grid adventures, and TSA approved to make airline travel and long-haul flights a breeze. 
  • Need more USB-C power? The OMNI 20 USB-C+ adds an extra USB-C port and doubles the wattage to power multiple demanding laptops and other USB-C-powered devices.

MSRP: $199 

Availability: omnicharge.coAmazon

omnicharge: OMNI MOBILE 12,800

The pocket-sized power hub for all your portable devices. 

  • With the perfect balance between size and capacity, the OMNI MOBILE is perfect for providing portable power to mobile devices, and when needed, giving laptops a boost with a USB-C port — all while fitting easily in a small bag, purse or even pocket! 
  • Never run out of battery before a big game or concerts again with lightning speed charging through a high-powered USB 3.0 port. 
  • Keep cheering, dancing and exploring without worrying about having the right charging cable on hand. The OMNI MOBILE features a wireless charging pad at the top of the device. 
  • Not enough ports or mobile power? Upgrade to the OMNI MOBILE 25,600 which offers more battery power for long-haul flights or extended trips, and is equipped with a multitude of power output options to charge all the pro devices a digital nomad needs. 

MSRP: Starting at $79

Availability: omnicharge.coAmazon

omnicharge: OMNI ULTIMATE 

120V of extreme portable power taken to the next level.

  • A massive 142Wh removable battery makes OMNI ULTIMATE omnicharge’s most powerful portable charger, keeping your camera shooting up to 12x longer or your drone flying for 4 battery cycles.
  • With a full-size built-in wall outlet, the OMNI ULTIMATE is the perfect partner when the power goes out, offering a flexible power solution for more than just your devices.
  • Exceptional recharging capabilities from both the barrel and USB-C ports can recharge the ULTIMATE in under 4 hours. 
  • Pass-through capabilities mean you can recharge all your devices while keeping the OMNI ULTIMATE ready to go. And with a built-in smart power controller, it can easily be recharged from nearly any power source including solar.
  • 230V version available for select EU and Asian countries.

MSRP: $399 

Availability: omnicharge.coAmazon

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