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Over the past couple of years, I’ve amassed many different types of power banks and portable batteries. I’ve got one for just about every occasion and with most of my devices being mobile, standard power banks do a fine job charging them. The problem comes when my dear laptop needs some juice. I have a 13-inch 2016 MacBook Pro. It requires a 61W power adapter and either a standard power plug or a USB-C port for charging. It’s rare to find a power bank that can both provide enough power for my laptop and the proper power port. Omnicharge obviously felt my pain and developed a charging solution for just this scenario.

Omnicharge OMNI20 Portable Power Bank REVIEW

The Omnicharge is a powerful all-purpose power bank. It provides both AC and DC output charging and will push out up to 100W of power, which is enough to charge even the 15-inch MacBook Pro, which requires 87W of power to charge. It comes in two sizes — 20400 mAh (Omni20) or 13600 mAh (Omni13). The larger of the two is enough to fully charge an iPhone X more than 7 times. There are three options for output charging — 2 USB-A ports and 1 DC output port. The USB ports offer two output options — 5V/3A and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 (5V/3A = 9V/2A = 12V/1.5A). It is backward compatible with QC2.0/1.0.

Omnicharge OMNI20 Portable Power Bank REVIEW

The Omnicharge comes packaged in a unique black box. It’s not adorned with a lot of fluff or marketing messages. The box simply says “Omnicharge” on the face and a few features are outlined on the back. Inside the box, you will find the battery itself, the power adapter for charging of the Omnicharge or for output charging to DC powered devices. Omnicharge includes a variety of barrels and adapters that make it easy to charge any device within reaching distance. Some of these connectors include:

  • Mag Safe 2
  • Surface Pro
  • USB-A
  • PC Tip Set
    • 5.5 x 2.1 mm male to male DC cable, cord length 39”
    • DC output tip: (5.5 x 2.1mm female port): Dell® 4.5 x 3.0mm, HP® 4.5 x 3.0mm, Lenovo® Square tip, Universal 5.5 x 2.5mm
    • DC input tip (5.5 x 2.1mm male plug): Dell 4.5 x 3.0mm, HP 4.5 x 3.0mm, Lenovo Square tip, Universal 5.5 x 2.5mm

Omnicharge OMNI20 Portable Power Bank REVIEW

Using the Omnicharge battery is simple. You turn it on using the power button and plug in your device that needs charging. Now, you will need to actually activate the ports you want to use by tapping either the USB icon or the AC outlet icon located on the mode button, which is next to the USB ports. On this part of the power bank is also a very nice OLED display. This display really sets the Omnicharge apart from other multi-use power banks. From this display, you can get an entire picture of the device’s health. The display shows:

  • Icon display (shows charging status)
  • Battery remaining capacity
  • Battery level (+/-1%)
  • Battery temperature
  • Battery power output (watt)
  • Battery power input (watt)
  • Charge time remaining (Calculated based on optimal level of power input for your device and Omnicharge’s battery level)

The status icons play an important role in understanding what your Omnicharge is being used for. Here is an overview of the icons you might have on your battery display.


After learning about what Omnicharge could do, I started testing out it’s charging capabilities. First of all, I was able to successfully charge my 13-inch MacBook Pro with no problems. I simply plugged in the wall adapter into the AC outlet and turned on that charging mode. After I verified it was indeed charging, I plugged in a small portable fan. I get warm sitting at my desk sometimes, so I turned on the fan and plugged it in so that it wouldn’t die as I worked. The Omnicharge didn’t falter with output power so I added one more device — a portable power bank. After all those devices were plugged in and charging, I took a look at the power that was being used via the wattage output meter on the OLED display. The fan and the power bank together only pulled around 16 watts together. The laptop though costs the Omnicharge a whopping 32 watts on its own. You can see how each device affected the Omnicharge in the video below.

The Omnicharge provides a wonderful function that can’t really be duplicated by other portable power banks in the market today. There are other options out there (myCharge Adventure Ultra Portable Charging Hub or the Renogy Phoenix All-in-One Solar Powered Briefcase), but they are either too bulky as a portable solution or they don’t provide enough power to charge all types of devices. The only thing I would love to see added is a USB-C charging port. Since my laptop and quite a few smartphones and accessories now run off of that connection, I would find it a particularly helpful addition to the Omnicharge. The battery is heavy but portable enough to take on trips for those emergency charging needs. I can recommend the battery for users, but think that people who travel would get the most use out of it.

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