Om Finder keeps your chi aligned where ever you are.

Every once in a while I find apps that are great for travelers. And, I don’t mean in the sense that they help you get to your destination. I mean that these apps helps you keep your life as normal as possible despite your physical location. In my professional life, I’ve had a small taste of how travel can disrupt your normal daily schedule and it’s great to know that they apps are being developed to help with this problem.

omfinder-screenshotOm Finder is an app for iOS designed to help users find yoga classes. Now, to some, this may not seem like a worthwhile endevour, but Yoga is used for many purposes. It helps lower stress levels, keep muscles toned and relaxes the mind. People use Yoga for a variety of different reasons and when a regular schedule is disrupted, it can affect a person’s well-being. Om Finder helps to keep you on track with your Yoga and Yoga related activities by providing a search-able database of Yoga classes in your area.

Om Finder gives you the ability to search near your current location utilizing Location Services, or by searching by an address or city. This gives you the option to plan ahead, too.

Om Finder is integrated with iCal and allows users to add classes to their calendar from the app. Users can also share their schedule and invite friends via the Facebook link that Om Finder provides.

Om Finder is really great idea. It’s good for casual users as well as the avid Yoga student. Om Finder is currently on version 1.0 and was released earlier this month on April 10th.