Core Lens Set delivers unmatched image quality, user experience, and versatility

They say that the best camera is the one you have on you. Well, in recent days, the cameras on our smart phones have surpassed what the old point-and-shoot compact cameras can do. I used to have a Canon PowerShot camera that I took with me everywhere. It was amazing to capture all the memories digitally, but it ran off of AA batteries and I never seemed to have enough power to get me through my adventures. Now, I only have to pull out my iPhone 7 and I have access to a 12MP camera with a 5x digital zoom. I think my old PowerShot only had 5MP or less.

So, it only seems fair that I lean on my iPhone’s camera since not only do I always have it on my, but it’s a far superior camera than what I used to use. Even though most people will use their smart phone cameras for personal memories and on the spot shots, there is a segment of people who will use it for professional photography and videography. And sometimes, you want just a little more than what the native lens can give you. That’s where olloclip comes in.

Olloclip Core Lens Set and Ollo Case REVIEW

Olloclip is an innovative company that designs lenses and other accessories for the modern iPhoneographer. Their story began in 2011 when the founder, Patrick O’Neill, launched a Kickstarter program to get his 3-in-1 iPhone 4 lens off the ground. His vision was the provide a quick-connect lens system for iPhone featuring fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses. He was successful and today, it exists as the Core Lens Set. I’ve actually been fortunate to use it with my iPhone 5 and iPhone 6. Today, I have the set for the iPhone 7 along with the Ollo Case.

olloclip Core Lens Set for iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

Even though I’ve tried out the olloclip lenses before, I was very happy to have the chance to look at this newest set since the camera on the iPhone 7 is much improved from the iPhone 6 I was using previously. The Core Lens Set includes a Fisheye, Super-Wide Angle (120° field-of-view), and a 15x Macro Lenses. It has the same great clip/flip design as the classic olloclip I’ve used in the past. But, just like the iPhone’s camera, olloclip has also stepped up their game. The iPhone 7/7 Plus olloclip set includes new optics with premium multi-element coated glass to deliver superior image quality. You can use the lens system with your front or rear camera.

Olloclip Core Lens Set and Ollo Case REVIEW

The lens element installed very easily onto the iPhone. It will simply slide onto the top of your phone and over the camera lens. olloclip is specially designed to align with the iPhone’s camera lens. The olloclip set comes with a wearable pendant that will also act as a stand for your phone. olloclip ships a complete kit for use with your iPhone. This kit includes the Core Lens Set, iPhone 7 clip/pendant stand, iPhone 7 Plus clip/pendant stand, lens cap and a microfiber cloth. The Core Lens set will work with either the iPhone 7 or the 7 Plus, but you have to select the correct clip size for your phone.

ollo Case for iPhone 7

The ollo Case is meant to be used in conjunction with an olloclip lens set. That said, olloclip did such a nice job creating a slim, protective case that you can enjoy using it on your phone even when you don’t want to use an olloclip lens. The case has rubberized bumpers and a scratch-resistant back. There is a slightly raised bezel to protect the screen because it’s frosted, you can see the natural design of your phone, too. The ollo Case comes with a special clip and pendant stand that fits specifically with the case.

Olloclip Core Lens Set and Ollo Case REVIEW

User Experience

One of the problems that I had with the original olloclip was that it didn’t quite fit on my phone securely. The clip pendant wasn’t a tight enough fit and the olloclip would sort of jiggle around while it was on the phone. This newest version takes care of a lot of the jiggle, but there is still some. That’s why I elect to use the ollo Case along with the lenses. Using it ensures a really tight fit of the lenses on the iPhone. Each side of lens rests on a blanking base which in turn locks into the pendant clip. When I attach the lens to its base into the clip, there is a bit of a wiggle. This movement pretty much goes away when you attach the clip to the phone (especially if you are using the case), but the movement is negligible. I’d love to see the design tightened up a bit in that respect, but I didn’t find any issues with my photographs being affected by the ‘wiggle’ so it’s more of a note than a complaint.

Olloclip Core Lens Set and Ollo Case REVIEW


Taking photographs with the olloclip lens is very easy. For the most part, I use the Wide Angle Lens. The fisheye and macro lenses are very specialized and are really only called for in certain circumstances. But, when you need to use them, it’s as easy as flipping the clip around and locking the lens into place.

Olloclip Core Lens Set and Ollo Case REVIEW


The olloclip Core Lens Set and ollo Case are really a match made in heaven. They enhance your iPhonography and user experience with your iPhone. I think that any iPhone owner should have this as an accessory.

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