Amango Launches OLink, the First Fast Charging USB-C Multiport Adapter

When the new MacBook arrived on the scene, the first complaint I heard was, “What do I do with all the things I need to plugin to it and how do I charge or backup to a hard drive or USB Key?” Those are solid questions that Apple left for third party companies to answer. Amango has that answer in the OLink, but for it to come to light, they need to reach their goal on KickStarter.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – December 16, 2015 – Amango Mobile, Inc., a technology company dedicated to improving the user experience of mobile devices, today announces OLink, the first fast charging, ultra-portable USB-C multiport adapter for MacBook. OLink is designed to provide MacBook owners with a convenient way to connect all of their existing peripheral devices and get a multiport fast charger, whether the laptop is on or off.

OLink plugs into the single USB-C port of the MacBook and turns it into three USB 3.0 type A ports, and one HDMI 4K video output. Later versions of the device will include a SD 4.0 memory slot too. In addition, the device’s thin, sleek design, made of anodized aluminum, is small enough to fit into a pocket and compliments MacBooks with its Gold, Silver and Space Gray color options.

OLink USB-C Multiport Adapter Gives Users Ultra Portability

The USB-C one port design is expected to become a standard port across all Mac products and eventually PCs. Amango wanted to create a device that allows consumers to continue using the devices they love while keeping up with ever-changing technology. OLink is a portable solution that requires minimal space and offers more connectivity.

In addition to its multiport and fast charging capabilities, OLink’s HDMI output has 4K2K resolution, meaning users can play 4K video through an HDMI TV or monitor output. Users can also import a 4K movie or RAW files photo through OLink’s SD 4.0 memory slot, and the device can read/write up to 312 MB per second. OLink is compatible with USB-C MacBook, iPad, Android, Chrome, Windows Laptop and Tablet.

OLink USB-C Multiport Adapter Gives Users Ultra Portability

OLink is a beneficial tool for any MacBook, personal or business. Whether it’s used for office work, business travel, academic purposes, or at home, OLink gives users one simple way to connect their MacBook to all of their devices. Users can now have their MacBook, iPads, iPhones, Apple Watches and power banks charged and ready to use for any of their needs.

OLink is available now for preorder through Kickstarter for a starting price of $59.

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