OLALA 7500mAh Lightning USB Power Bank (Apple MFi Certified) – Portable power bank geared toward Apple lightning compatible devices

When it comes to external battery packs, my main focus is portability.  I tend to keep one on me at all times because I have a lot of devices and I don’t always have a full charge on them.  I mainly carry around my iPad Air Mini 2 and my iPhone 7 Plus.  This means I always have to have a lighting charger cable in my bag as well.  Typically, the external batteries come with micro USB cables but not lightning chargers.  The OLALA 7500mAh power bank is the perfect external battery for Apple users because the lighting charger is built in.

OLALA 7500mAh Lightning USB Power Bank REVIEW

My initial impression of the gold OLALA power bank is it’s very nicely made.  It’s small thin build is very lightweight.  The overall design is high quality and very functional.  There is an extra USB port on the side so this is capable of charging other devices.  The battery comes with a short micro USB cable to be able to charge it but could easily be used to charge other devices with.  My personal favorite feature is the top slides back and inside is a preinstalled lighting cable.  The 7500mAh high capacity charger can charge two devices at a time with full charge.  Full charge of the device is indicated by 4  led lights on the side.

OLALA 7500mAh Lightning USB Power Bank REVIEW

I went ahead and charged the battery up a little more but it already came with a nearly full charge.  I then hooked the lightning cable to my iPhone 7 Plus and it started charging instantly.  I have charged my device several times (right around 50% battery on my iPhone) with this power bank and I have yet to recharge the bank.  The speed of charge was impressive because it charged quickly.  I hooked my iPad Mini Air 2 in with it and the speed remained the same.  I’m also relieved to say this is Apple MFi certified which basically means this product meets Apples standards.  This also means the wonderful “this accessory may not be supported” won’t be popping up.

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