A standout grip for phones — compatible with most cases and wireless chargers.

I, like most other people, live on my phone. Especially now that I’m working from home (due to the COVID-19 public health crisis), it’s my lifeline to the outside world. I have an iPhone 11 Pro and it happens to be one of those phones that is somewhat hard to handle for long periods of time. It’s slippery and can easily be dropped. I’ve tried Popsockets before as a grip for my phone, but I hate the way my phone doesn’t sit flat when the Popsocket is not in use. I’m obviously not alone in this opinion because Ohsnap was developed. 


Ohsnap is a phone grip that is designed to lay flat against the back of your phone when it’s not in use. It’s made to work with car mounts as well as wireless chargers. It’s magnetic and comes with a sticky mount plate that can be used as a mount for your phone. Ohsnap provides users with a kickstand and grip in an incredibly slim package. The magnetic plate can slide up and down so that you can reach every inch of your screen and you can even rotate the snap grip so that you can watch videos or read from your phone at any angle. 



When I first looked at the Ohsnap I was very hesitant to apply it to the back of my phone. First of all, it’s a magnetic plate. It seems like a harsh, heavy thing to attach to your phone. Surprisingly enough, the magnetic plate is very lightweight. The main part of the grip that attaches to the phone is actually plastic. Onsnap is built to be versatile so that you can use it no matter what your life takes you. The magnetic plate can be completely removed (slid off of the plastic backing) so that you can use the phone with a wireless charger. Sliding the plate is a little stiff, but that’s only because it’s a tight fit for security reasons. I for one would prefer the plate being secure rather than too loose. You do, however, need to exercise caution when removing and replacing the magnetic plate because the edges are a little sharp. 


The grip is essentially a slap bracelet. When the grip is collapsed into the magnetic plate, you simply press into one side of the grip to get it to snap outward. Then you lock the two ends together using the tiny hook that is installed on one side. Now you have the option to leave the grip in a vertical orientation or twisting it to satisfy your personal viewing angle. To close it, you return the grip to the vertical position and press down on both ends to get it to snap back into place. 

So, now that I’ve given you a run down of how it works, let me tell you what I like and don’t like about it. 



Easy to install. Even though you have to eyeball where the center of your phone is, the adhesive helps it to stick to the phone without any trouble. 

The snap grip works. I was surprised that the tiny snap loop would actually hold the phone at a proper angle. But it does! It also works very well as the grip that Popsocket has made so popular. 

It does work with a wireless charger – if you remove the magnetic plate. One of the first things I try out with cases and grips like this is if it will work with a magnetic charger. So, once I had the Ohsnap installed, I placed on a wireless charger. The power indicator on the charger  indicated that there was an error. This was, of course, because there was a magnetic sitting on top of it. When I looked at their website I discovered that the magnetic plate slides all the way off making the grip compatible with wireless chargers. It’s an extra step, but it does get the job done. 



Doesn’t work with texture/cloth cases. Ohsnap actually has a really nice graphic illustration of what cases the grip will work with and which ones it won’t. Basically, if the case is a hard, smooth material, you can affix the adhesive to it. If there is any texture or cloth, it won’t stick. I, unfortunately, was using a leather case prior to installing the Ohsnap. So, my phone is currently caseless and that makes me nervous. 

The ‘hook’ is a tiny, sharp, and metal. While it’s good for durability, it’s terrible for fingers. If the hook is properly attached to the other end of the snap grip, it’s not a problem. But if it’s open, it can easily catch a person’s skin. 



Overall, I really love this grip. It’s unique and the design is carefully thought out. In comparison to Popsockets, it’s higher priced at $29 (at the time of publishing), but given that it’s made with more than plastic and 3M adhesive, it’s worth the investment. I’m eager to see the next generation of this product because it was made prior to the iPhone 11 lineup release. It works on my iPhone 11 Pro, but the extended camera lens area does cause a problem with the sliding feature of the Ohsnap. If you’re looking for a unique grip for your phone, I can recommend the Ohsnap. 

For more information, visit ohsnap.com and Facebook.