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Something happened to me over the years of sitting at my desk, I found that typing away on the keyboard wasn’t like the days of old when I would be pushing around on a skate board or doing kickboxing. It’s far less active. Something I’m not proud to admit is that  I’ve gained some weight sitting behind a desk and getting older doesn’t help that.

OfficeGym REVIEW

The OfficeGym is designed for those of us who spend hours at the desk working. It’s a product that mounts to the back of your chair and allows you to keep your body active in some form. I can do arm presses while watching YouTube or flip the bars and do curls while waiting for a file to download.

Even before writing this I was working my arms as I thought of a good way to start my review. The OfficeGym uses residence bands and comes with three sets of bands two lose two media and two strong, thus giving you a choice on your workout.

When visiting the company behind the OfficeGym’s website you will see they have a tab at the top called “Videos.” Here you will find instructions on how to do each exercise available with the OfficeGym.

OfficeGym REVIEW

This product might not take the extra belly fat I’ve accumulated over the years away but it gives me something to do while I’m just sitting at the computer. Maybe my arms will be just a bit more toned but it’s way better than doing nothing at all. In fact, having the Office Gym available has been a big reminder for me to do more. After I workout in my chair, I find at the end of the night my arms are sore thus leading me to believe I’m getting something from the exercise and it motivates me to get out and do more.

OfficeGym REVIEW

The installation of the OfficeGym was a bit difficult as when we first received it I had an office chair that it was completely not compatible with. I had ordered a new chair for my office but it was on back order and we found ourselves waiting for quite a long time on the new chair. None of this is the fault of the product as I just happened to have a ridiculous chair at the time. Once we had a new chair in hand, the testing began and I can happily say the installation turned out to be pretty simple. You simply attach the arms to the main bracket and then tighten it down with the provided straps. What I felt was going to be difficult turned out to be a simple task that anyone with a normal computer chair can handle. The hardest part of the installation was pushing the bands through the arms of the Office Gym. Getting them stretched through the bars and locked into place just requires a certain amount of strength because you are stretching the resistance band. Now that it’s installed, you can see from the photos at it doesn’t take up much room and isn’t overly awkward.

OfficeGym REVIEW

The Office Gym is a really great option for people who have a sedentary lifestyle and work at a desk 8 hours a day. It has the same principle as a standing desk — it gives you a way to be active even when you are working.

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