Works, but has some flaws.

Oenbopo A2DP Bluetooth Receiver Review 3When I was much younger, before I was a driver even, it was a treat to be able to connect devices like CD Walkmans to the car stereo. That’s right young people – there was a time when cars did not automatically come equipped with CD players. In fact, it really is only a recent phenomenon that aux ports and Bluetooth connectivity has become commonplace with cars. My car is a 2008 model and while it does have an aux port, it does not have Bluetooth installed. I am forced to have a wired connection to my phone if I want to listen to music from it. The A2DP Bluetooth Receiver from Oenbopo is a decent solution to this problem.

Oenbopo A2DP Bluetooth Receiver Review 5While I’ve tried many wireless solutions in the past, I was intrigued by this one. It’s pretty nice. For starters, it’s small – smaller than a pack of gum – and it plugs right into your car’s aux port. It connected fairly easily via Bluetooth to my phone and reconnected after being out of the car for quite a while. There are three pieces to the connector – the transmitter, the aux connector and a MicroUSB cable for charging.

Oenbopo A2DP Bluetooth Receiver Review 6To me, this was a bit strange, but you have to pre-charge the transmitter before it will work. I tried to plug in the transmitter to my car’s cigarette lighter and the aux port at the same time, but it wouldn’t enter pairing mode. At first, I thought maybe I did something wrong, but as it turns out, you just have to charge it before it will work. Once it is charged, you can enjoy up to 8 hours of connection with the receiver.

Once I had the device charged and plugged into my aux port, I discovered a slight buzz or hum in the sound being output by the receiver. This is similar to what I’ve heard in the past when I have my phone plugged in for charging at the same time I’ve got it plugged into the aux port. But in this case, the transmitter is only plugged into the aux port.

Oenbopo A2DP Bluetooth Receiver Review 7One other issue I had was that the volume output isn’t very great. I had my iPhone’s volume at maximum and my car’s stereo at maximum, but the volume sounded like it was only at about 50%.

I am excited to have this type of option for connecting to my car’s stereo, but am not sure if I will use it as a primary method because of the disappointments I experienced. It does work, but just has some kinks to work out.

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