WhaleTail is a great option for a unique tablet stand.

Ever since I was given my first iPad, I’ve been on the prowl for exceptional accessories to match the tablet. I like function as well as style and really want something that matches the iPad’s panache. I was first introduced to OCTA a couple of years ago when we were given the Monkey Tail to review. It’s an exceptional multi-purpose flexible mount and it was designed with quality in mind. Because of that experience, I expected no less than perfection when it came to OCTA’s other accessories – the first of which is the WhaleTail.

The WhaleTail is a bendable table top tablet stand and it provides a very sturdy, secure option for propping your iPad up in either Portrait of Landscape orientation. There is no documentation on how the WhaleTail is made or what materials are used to make it. That being said, it has a softer silicone/rubber feel to it, which I rather like because it helps to add traction. The tail itself is fully flexible and posable – sort of like Gumby. Because of its flexibility, the WhaleTail makes the ultimate tablet stand because it can be used in many different variations. You can even use the WhaleTail as a convenient handle for your iPad.

Octa WhaleTail Tablet Stand REVIEW

WhaleTail, like the other OCTA products, are part of a modular system. The tail is sold separately from the component that fastens it to the tablet – either the Spider or the Vacuum Dock. You can, of course, select the kit for purchase, which the tail then comes with a vacuum dock. I already had the vacuum dock from my experience with the Monkey Tail, so I opted for the WhaleTail a la carte. This is one of the things I really like about OCTA and their business model – you can purchase one piece of the system and have it work with many others.

WhaleTail is compact and portable. It was designed to have a very minimal footprint and work easily with your tablet and existing workspace. Because the fin is so flexible, you can easily adjust it so that your tablet is at the optimum viewing angle for movies, reading, or even video chats. I love the WhaleTail for its simplicity and unique design. It’s cute. It’s functional. It works.

Octa WhaleTail Tablet Stand REVIEW

As much as I like it, I did, of course, find some room for improvement. One of the first things I noticed was that if you don’t have your iPad in a case, or you aren’t resting it on a soft surface, your tablet will be resting on a surface with no barrier between it and the surface it’s sitting on. I am less worried about the tablet’s safety than I am about the surface. With a nonpadded surface of the tablet, you could easily find your desk (if it’s soft enough) scratched up or damaged. This is just something to be cautious of. I happen to have my iPad inside a silicone bumper case, which works perfectly because the suction cup still adheres to the tablet and everything is protected.

Another thing to note is that the suction cup lost its suction overnight. During my testing, I left my tablet sitting on my desk and noticed in the morning that the suction cup had pulled away from the tablet and only gravity was hold it up. This isn’t a fault of OCTA’s products – just something to be aware of.

I truly love the WhaleTail and all it has to offer. It’s a great stand option for tablets and definitely a conversation starter.

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