Rebel speaker has impressive features that everyone can enjoy.

This summer I plan on using the Rebel wireless Bluetooth speaker by Nyne for outdoor gatherings and camping.  I’ve tried a lot of audio speakers outdoors and this one has my approval by being loud, clear, and packed full of bass.  The speaker is meant for the outdoors being water and dust resistant, but I found myself wanting to use it inside as well.

When I went to pick up the box I was shocked at how heavy it was.  This speaker by is by no means small in size and is something I would not want to pack around for a long period of time.  The speaker is all black except for the buttons that are white and light up when turned on and the blue call button.  The buttons have the ability to turn on, call, change tracks, and volume control.  On the back side of the speaker is a small drop down panel that has 3.5mm auxiliary output, line out, USB port, a push button display of battery life and the power in connection.  The line out option gives the ability to plug multiple Rebel speakers together if you wanted to add extra sound.  That’s actually not something I find on a lot of Bluetooth speakers and I think it steps up the game depending on how you want to install it.  I think adding multiples around a large yard with a pool would be great.  The USB port gives you the ability to not plug and play but to charge your battery.  With the 10 hour battery that the Rebel has, you would be able to get plenty of battery life back.  Also, if you’re using a device that does not have Bluetooth compatibility, the 3.5mm jack offers the wired in option.  Included along with the speaker is an AC adaptor for charging, 3.5mm aux cable, and 4 worldwide plug options.

Nyne Rebel Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Pairing the Nyne Rebel to my iPhone 7 Plus was very easy and I just held the button down and then was able to locate “Nyne Rebel” on my Bluetooth settings.  It paired very quickly and was ready to be played.  At first I was trying this in my house and thought it was going to be overpowering but honestly, it filled the house with clean crisp music with a very nice bass sound.  This was definitely a very loud speaker but it didn’t have that obnoxious you should have stopped turning it up awhile ago distortion.  I feel the brand could have gone louder with the size of this but would have compromised the clarity of the sound.  I think that was a smart move on their part because I hate when people have music up loud that sounds like garbage.  I feel this speaker did well with every genre of music I have thrown at it.  Of course, the bass sounds amazing with hip hop, but amazingly classical sounds really clean.  I also have thrown on a podcast and listened to it on that and I feel in general I can hear the conversations more clearly with the speaker in my house.  Now while listening to those I was nowhere near max volume.  I just know that until I have an event I will be using this in my house on a daily basis.

Nyne Rebel Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

I did test out the ability to charge my phone.  It gave me a full charge without being plugged in and only lost one of the five battery power lights.  This will come to be very useful especially to the person using their device to do the music.  I received a phone call while my phone was connected and I was able to do hands-free calling with it.  The call was clear and I was able to be heard with no issues.  I don’t know how much I would want to use the call feature on it unless I am sitting by it.  Nevertheless, it’s a great option to have.

Nyne Rebel Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Nyne Rebel wireless Bluetooth speaker is very impressive and has some extra great features that can benefits it’s users.  I feel this speaker is high end and gives off a great sound that everyone can enjoy.

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