Nutracheck for iOS Review:

A smart app for tracking calories and diet.

Photo-1I’m not the smartest dieter in the world. In fact, when it comes right down to it, I’m pretty lame about following eating plans. I have found some that work, but aren’t always practical for the pocketbook. One method I’ve always found is successful though is keeping track of calories and types of foods you are taking in. For example, if you are given the choice between McDonald’s or a Lean Cuisine frozen dinner, the Lean Cuisine is probably the smarter choice. It may have a lot of sodium, but it’s got far fewer calories and fat than a value meal from any fast food place. Sometimes we all need a little help though figuring out what is what. That is what Nutracheck is for.

Nutracheck is an advanced calorie counter app that allows you keep track of all the things you are eating throughout the day. It works with your FitBit and Apple’s Health app to keep you as healthy as possible.

Some of the Key features of Nutracheck’s US App include:

  • USA food database of over 300,000 products with colour photos or logos for fast identification and appropriate serving sizes
  • Barcode scanning feature to easily update your food diary
  • Recipe and meal builder to calorie count homemade dishes
  • Forums for support, where members can share hints and tips
  • Available for iPhone and iPad

Photo-2First, when you get into the app you have to ‘sign up’. This actually consists of you entering your basic data and your goals so that the app can help measure your milestones. One of the big differences between Nutracheck and other weight tracking apps is that this one actually gives you the option for gaining weight as well. I think this would be particularly helpful for people who are underweight from fighting off an illness or other reason.

Like a lot of weight tracking apps, Nutracheck calculates a daily calorie intake goal and as you add foods and meals into your day, it tracks it all for you. For example, this morning, I had a bagel with some cream cheese on it. I scanned the bagel package and it was instantly found within Nutracheck’s database of foods. The cream cheese I have is a local store brand so I entered the brand name style, which is typically close to the same nutritional information as the generic. I had to type that in. Again, the Nutracheck database pulled up the information and I entered my personal information and saved it to the diary.

Photo-7I have quite a bit of experience using apps like this and I have to say, I really like the layout of this one. I think it will become a wonderful tool for me to use in the coming weeks as I attempt to shift the scale.

Nutracheck is available for a free trial and is subscription-based after the first 7-days. Subscriptions fees are $5.99 for 30 days or $39.99 for 12 months.

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