Newly added features include elevation and heart rate tracking, Strava integration, Daily Run Allowance, Footstrike Trainer and more

​NURVV​, pioneer of foot-based wearable technology using biomechanics, unveiled the availability of NURVV Run, in addition to several new features including elevation and heart rate tracking, Strava integration, Daily Run Allowance, Footstrike Trainer, Metric Profiles and the ability to enter runs not recorded with NURVV. NURVV Run delivers personalized, insightful data, performance metrics, and live, in-run coaching to help runners become faster, better and reduce injury risk.

Introduced at CES 2020 in January, NURVV Run accurately captures running technique data directly from the feet using 32 high-precision sensors embedded into each lightweight insole — at a rate of 1,000 times per second, per sensor. It then analyzes the data using biomechanical principles and offers real-time coaching and actionable insights that help runners improve their technique.

“Since our debut earlier this year, we’ve been rigorously testing and perfecting NURVV Run to make it the most powerful, high-performance training wearable for runners,” said NURVV co-founder and CEO Jason Roberts. “Our goal is to revolutionize the way people run. Our data and insights are backed by science and are helping runners get the most from their training by telling them everything they need to know about their technique and how to improve it.”

Newly added features include:

  • Heart Rate Tracking:​ use a heart rate strap with NURVV Run (including phone-free runs) to track heart rate changes during a run.
  • Footstrike Trainer: ​monitors how runners’ feet hit the ground in real-time during indoor runs. Helps them modify their technique in real-time with in-app visual cues to reduce injury risk.
  • Elevation:​ measure elevation during a run and see how your metrics change due to elevation changes.
  • Metric Profiles: ​on the app, view running technique data to easily identify changes and improvement over time. Metrics include heart rate, distance, time, pace, splits, cadence, step length, foot strike, pronation, and balance.
  • Daily Run Allowance: ​NURVV recommends how much you should run on a daily basis to keep your training load optimized to improve fitness while minimizing injury risk. Using your running load history, the daily run allowance calculates the perfect amount for you to run each day to maximize your training.
  • Strava Integration:​ runs can now be seamlessly synced to Strava, helping runners connect with each other and keeping their data all in one place.
  • Manual Entry: ​add a completed run to the app even if it wasn’t tracked with NURVV Run
  • Auto-Pause & Resume: ​automatically stop and start tracking your run when pausing for water, a stoplight, to stretch, and more.

NURVV Run is now available at ​​ and select Best Buy Stores, and​ for $299.95. Each purchase includes two ultra-thin, comfortable insoles with lightweight GPS trackers and access to the free NURVV Run coaching app on the ​App Store and the ​Google Play store​.

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