Numerics provides real-time data in a convenient, mobile dashboard.

numerics-1One of the aspects I really enjoy about marketing is the statistics and marketing studies that can be done from those. You can really get a sense of who is using your products and who you still need to reach. Google Analytics does a wonderful job of collecting website data. Their service places information into easy-to-understand buckets for review. Facebook also gives wonderful page demographic statistics. There are a lot of times I find myself wanting to review that information from my phone and digging through several different sites to obtain the needed information is a hassle. That’s why I’m glad there is Numerics from Cynapse.

Numerics is an iOS app that helps you visualize all your business statistics, live, in one place. It is essentially one large dashboard that you place widgets into from your various statistics-based services. It’s easy to use and wonderful for checking in on your social media engagement, website analytics and even project progress. Numerics makes a direct connect between you and your services. And the best part is that the app never sees any log-in credentials or host any data. It’s simply pulling information and displaying it.

When Numerics was originally released, it was a $19.99 app with every widget all-inclusive of the app download. Now, Numerics 1.1 is a free app with some premium widgets. There are more than 20 services that use the free widgets. The premium widgets are available for purchase in packs as one-time restorable purchases and unlimited use. They are priced depending on the services and kinds of widgets in the pack.

CynapseNumerics is a wonderful app that’s easy, secure, presentable, and well-connected. Some of the services that Numerics connects to are:

  • AppFigures
  • Basecamp
  • Chargify
  • Custom JSON
  • Facebook
  • Flurry
  • Foursquare
  • GitHub
  • Google Analytics
  • Paypal
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Zendesk

numerics-2Plus, Cynapse, the developer of Numerics, is constantly expanding the app’s integrations and plans to roll out more soon. I really like Numerics because it simplifies my work flow. Instead of looking through several different apps, I can just open Numerics to get the information I’m looking for. I think my favorite feature of Numerics is the Snapshot option. Once you get your widgets in the order you want displaying the information you want, you can take a snapshot of your statistics. This allows you to share it easily or use it in a presentation if you like.

If you monitor your business statistics like I do, I would highly recommend Numerics to simplify your workflow. For more information, visit