Expanded range of ‘hearables’ includes two intelligent earbud products

Nuheara, a pioneer and leader in the research, development and manufacture, of intelligent hearables, is pleased to announce the debut of a suite of new products. The expanded range of hearables now includes two revolutionary intelligent earbud products, in addition to an upgrade of the multi-award winning IQbuds™. These three exciting products will be showcased during Unveiled and at the Sands Expo, Booth 44746, throughout the duration of CES Las Vegas in January 2018.

IQbuds Boost™, the first of the company’s new introductions, provides deeper, more sophisticated levels of personalization, customization, and amplification than that provided by Nuheara’s existing IQbuds™ product. Also being introduced is LiveIQ™, which integrates Nuheara’s unique hearing intelligence capabilities with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) – all in a true wireless earbud form. Nuheara is also pleased to announce a refresh and upgrade for IQbuds™ that will extend performance to 20 hours of on-the-go Bluetooth streaming and 40 hours of Hearing Processing.

“We are committed to a leadership role in the hearables space, and with these two new exciting products and the refresh and upgrade of IQbuds™, we are in a unique position to make a further impact on the hearables market,” said Justin Miller, co-founder, and CEO of Nuheara.

“With an industry-first suite of intelligent hearing devices, we can now appeal to a broader range of global customers.”

With the hearables market forecasted to grow by 500% over the next five years, Juniper Research predicts that “assistive audio” could potentially claim 68% of the sector’s revenue. According to Research author James Moar, “While the hearables category began in fitness, it is now much broader. Being able to adjust your hearing appeals to many more people, and will ultimately de-stigmatize hearing aids and enrich the lives of many with hearing loss.”

With the launch of IQbuds Boost™, Nuheara had the foresight to develop a new product that compliments IQbuds™, to leverage the potential explosion of the assistive audio segment and the opportunities resulting from the Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act of 2017. Utilizing international, industry-recognized NAL-NL2 self-fit protocols, Nuheara developed a new proprietary and innovative process called Ear ID™, which creates a unique personal hearing profile by evaluating the users own hearing capabilities. Ear ID™ then automatically calibrates IQbuds Boost™ for a truly personalized hearing experience. IQbuds Boost™ will be available to consumers by April 2018.

“IQbuds™ Boost™ represents a huge leap forward in assistive audio devices by delivering a uniquely personalized hearing experience for the user,” said David Cannington, Co-founder and EVP of Sales and Marketing for Nuheara. “No other hearable device uses the globally recognized NAL-NL2 self-fit software, which is best known for calibrating very expensive hearing aids.” He went on to say that Ear ID™ will transform the users IQbuds™ experience by accurately calibrating their personal hearing profile, and this will be revolutionary not just for those requiring assistive audio, but for the hundreds of millions of headphone users who are looking for personalization.

Also launching in 2018 is LiveIQ ™, one of the first intelligent truly wireless earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). This allows users to enhance their audio experience by integrating industry standard noise cancellation technology with selected features from Nuheara’s unique hearing intelligence software. Priced at under $200, LiveIQ™ opens up a broader consumer market for Nuheara without compromising the level of intelligence the market has come to expect from the company. LiveIQ™ will be available for pre-order early in the new year with an expected 2018 northern hemisphere summer delivery and in-store availability.

On the market since January 2017, IQbuds™ has set a standard in delivering cutting-edge augmented hearing capabilities and went on to win seven international innovation awards. Nuheara is pleased to also announce extended battery life for its original product, with 20 hours of on-the-go Bluetooth streaming and 40 hours of Hearing Processing now possible.

As the leader in the augmented hearing wearables market, Nuheara will continue to provide customers with even more advanced technology in the coming year.

For more information, visit nuheara.com