AirSoap reduces and eliminates invisible particulates in the home more effectively and affordably than traditional, filter-based air purifiers.

PhoneSoap, the company who has dedicated itself for the last 10 years to improving customers’ health through its high-tech approach to disinfection, announces the availability of its newest product in the health tech space – AirSoapTM. The new AirSoap is the brand’s latest offering designed to protect consumers health at this critically important moment in time, providing a more efficient and thorough purifying solution for consumers’ homes.

Electric WindTM Technology: More Powerful, Effective & Affordable than Traditional Systems

AirSoapTM’s effective, high-energy Electric WindTM technology reduces and eliminates invisible particulates like pet dander, pollen, and dust mites, thereby reducing allergy symptoms and improving sleep quality. Instead of traditional, filter-based air purifiers using a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) system that requires costly replacement filters and loses effectiveness over time, AirSoap uses washable, reusable, graphene collecting plates that are more effective at cleaning the air. Traditional HEPA filters are expensive to replace, and if not done so regularly, can cause additional pollution in the home from bacteria and mold growing in the filters themselves as trapped particles begin to clog the system. AirSoapTM’s Electric WindTM technology system kills germs as they pass through a high energy plasma field and then ionizes the air particles, so they can be trapped by the graphene collecting plates, a process that does not diminish in efficacy over time like clogged filters do.

Unique Technology Traps & Kills Even the Smallest Viruses for a Healthier Home

AirSoapTM’s advanced air purification system traps and kills even the smallest viruses, down to 14.6 nanometers, which is much more effective than even the best disposable HEPA filters that can only filter down to 300 nanometers. Some viruses, like Coronaviruses and Influenza are too small for traditional filters to capture, but AirSoap can kill and trap extremely small viruses like these, leading to a happier and healthier home*.

Whisper Quiet Design Seamlessly Integrates into Your Life

Unlike filter-based air purifiers that get louder the more powerful they are, AirSoapTM is whisper quiet. AirSoap’s Electric WindTM technology is a highly efficient system that uses electricity to capture germs instead of trying to force air through a filter. The system allows for increased airflow, while spinning the fan slower and quieter to processes the same volume of air compared with traditional filter-based systems. AirSoap uses up to half as much energy to process the same amount of air, providing customers a more robust and effective system for germ and allergen reduction.

Reduce Overall Costs and Power Consumption

AirSoapTM is a one-time purchase solution with easy-to-clean, dishwasher-safe collecting plates, eliminating the costly expense associated with changing the filters on traditional air purifiers. Additionally, replacing an existing air purifier with AirSoap can reduce power consumption costs by half, due to its efficient airflow design, while still filtering out germs, allergens, and pollutants better than HEPA based solutions.

Pricing & Availability

AirSoapTM is now available for $400 on (part of Pepperjam affiliate network).

For more information, visit phonesoap.comFacebook and Twitter.