Nova Wireless Flash for iPhone Review:

Take better pictures with a flash.

Nova Wireless Flash for iPhone Review 3Taking photos with my iPhone has become an everyday occurrence with me and unfortunately, so has deleting many of the photos I take because of bad lighting. Sometimes the built-in flash helps, but most of the time, I need light in an angle the built-in flash just can’t get to. That’s why Nova Wireless Flash was created.

Nova is a very compact, but very bright, Bluetooth connected flash for your iPhone. Containing 40 warm and cool LEDs behind a soft diffuser, Nova is only about the size of a credit card. It will fit in your wallet so that you can take it with you anywhere you go. The flash was designed to be used off-camera to control the many different situations in which you would take a picture. Nova creator, Joe Walnes, stated that he wanted to create a product that was easy to use so that users could focus on the moment. After having many experiences where the iPhone’s built-in flash created an unnatural, washed out photo, he thought that there had to be a better way. And so, Nova was born.

Nova Wireless Flash for iPhone Review 4Nova is controlled through the Nova app, which is free to download through the app store. There are three presets – gentle for close ups, warm for portraits, bright for groups and flash fill. Plus, there is an advanced mode for photographers to be able to manually set the brightness level and color temperature.

For over 100 years, photographers have used off-camera light as a primary method of creating beautiful pictures. The concept of Nova is the same. It’s totally wireless and uses Bluetooth 4.0 LE (low-energy) to connect to your iPhone. The flash can be used up to 20 feet away from your subject and you can connect up to 10 Novas to one iPhone.

So, I’m sure that you are curious about the Nova’s battery life. With it being such a small device, I must admit, this was something I was curious about, too. Nova uses a built-in lithium polymer battery and because it utilizes low energy Bluetooth and LEDs, which are famous for their low energy usage, Nova can live for up to four weeks in standby mode and can use approximately 150 flashes before needing a charge. Since I’ve been testing it, I’ve not had to charge it once.

I was so surprised at how portable Nova is. It really was designed with mobility in mind. After I downloaded the app and connected Nova for the first time, I discovered just how bright it is.

Nova Wireless Flash for iPhone Review 5

During the testing process, I used Nova in some pretty extreme circumstances. I took a couple of photos at a restaurant that has low, off-color light and I took some photos outdoors at night. I really wanted to put Nova to the test. The tiny flash did not disappoint. It was easy to use and quick to connect so that my subject didn’t have to wait for me to be ready to take the photo. Plus, the photos taken with Nova were warm and had a lovely depth of color that you just don’t get with a standard flash.

Nova Wireless Flash for iPhone Review 6

I did run into one small issue while testing Nova. The second day I was using it, it refused to connect back to the app. I went through several troubleshooting steps to try and get it to reconnect, but ultimately, I had to hit the hard reset button on the Nova to get it to work (located on the back of the device). I haven’t had a problem with it since.

Nova Wireless Flash for iPhone Review 7CONCLUSIONS
Nova helps you to capture the moment naturally with your iPhone camera. I recommend it to anyone who is looking to take better photos in any lighting situation. Nova retails for $59.

Download the iPhone app here.

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