Notti is playful, colorful, and creative.

WITTI is a company who makes really unique devices that are playful, colorful, and creative. They are a company that is passionate about design and features a lot of polygonic style with its products. The company’s goal is to develop user-friendly products for the Internet of Things (IoT) era. WITTI aims to make products’ designs as elegant and simple as possible. Their products include an intelligent alarm clock with smart home integration (BEDDI), a pixel light with notifications (DOTTI), and a smart light with notifications (NOTTI), which is the product I’m reviewing today.

NOTTI Led Smart Mood Light REVIEW See your notifications light up the room NOTTI Led Smart Mood Light REVIEW See your notifications light up the room

My week with NOTTI has been filled with an interesting mashup of colorful notifications. NOTTI is short for notifications and NOTTI is designed for just that. NOTTI connects to your phone through the NOTTI app. With the app, you can customize the NOTTI to show the color you want for specific notifications. The device will light up when you receive a call, message, or other notification (as determined by the app). NOTTI also has an alarm mode that can gradually brighten to wake you up peacefully. You can also have a sound play with the alarm if you are a sound sleeper. It connects through Bluetooth and utilizes the latest Smart BLE technology. Once the app is installed, it will automatically detect the NOTTI when it’s nearby (within 50 feet).

There is a small raised “w” on the front that functions as the on/off button. To power it on or completely turn it off, you press/hold the button for 3 seconds. A quick press of the button will set the device to ‘standby’ mode. This will cause the device to light up only for notifications. NOTTI also has an internal rechargeable battery that will last approximately 4 hours. I opted to keep it plugged into a USB hub (it has a Micro USB port on the back) so that it stays constantly powered. Should you need to do a full reset of NOTTI, there is a small reset hole/button on the bottom of the unit. You can use a paper clip to depress it. Something handy about it having a battery built in is during the summer I can take it outside and have it on the table next to the pool beside my phone and know just what types of notifications are coming to my phone by the colors I picked. No need to get out each time my phone chimes to see what the noise was.

NOTTI also has a ‘mood light’ setting where it will just display lovely colors from its million color LED light. The app is pretty non-specific when it comes to how to use it. You see a color wheel and then the option to select different colors. On the Color Mode setting, you can tell the NOTTI to stay one color or have it shift from one color to another. When you do the color shift option it will actually move through all the colors between the two you have selected. For example, I have my NOTTI set to play red to blue. So it starts with red and then fades to a light purple and then transitions to blue. It’s as if you were moving your finger around the color wheel in the app smoothly and slowly. It’s a really nice option for room ambiance.

NOTTI Led Smart Mood Light REVIEW See your notifications light up the room NOTTI Led Smart Mood Light REVIEW See your notifications light up the room

As for the notifications function, NOTTI has been flawless. Aside from the mood lighting, this is really the main purpose of NOTTI so I’m glad it works well. Some people might wonder why this is even something that is needed. Well, if you are hard of hearing, like me, and you happen to be watching TV, you don’t have to worry about missing important notifications from not hearing the chime from your phone. The NOTTI flashes and if it’s a text message that you’ve been waiting for, you know to check your phone immediately. If it flashes the color for Facebook or Twitter, maybe it’s less important and you can wait to check. Since you customize the NOTTI with the colors you want for each type of notification you will know which notification is which. One important note, you can only select 4 third party apps for notification alerts. You can also select the timing for your notification flashing using the app. There is an option for Always Flashing, which means it will never stop flashing, or you can choose the timing for the flashing between 3, 5, 10, or 60 seconds.

NOTTI Led Smart Mood Light REVIEW See your notifications light up the room

The Notti has a music player built into the device to allow for it to change colors to the beat of your music, unfortunately, my experience with the music player was less than favorable. I tend to keep my music stored on iCloud and it seems that music needs to be stored locally on your device in order for the NOTTI to play it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t ever able to get music to play even after syncing music to my iPhone.

Another issue I had was with the Bluetooth connection. There were a few times that the NOTTI automatically disconnected and I had trouble getting it connected again. I had to close the app and reopen it and then the next time it happened, I had to shut down the NOTTI completely and restart it. Both times, I got requests to repair the NOTTI to the iPhone. Once I had a solid connection, NOTTI worked fine, but I did have some periodic issues with connection. This is something I see that can be fixed in app updates.

NOTTI Led Smart Mood Light REVIEW See your notifications light up the room

So who is Notti for? That answer can be anyone looking for a gadget to lighten things up. I mean, I love colored lights. So the NOTTI is right up my alley. That said, the NOTTI can also be a marvelous device for people who are hard of hearing as I mentioned above. Having the NOTTI around the house to alert you that someone has called or messaged you is super handy. The NOTTI also does an excellent job of being a decorative light and accent piece. It brightens every room and is a unique piece of technology. For some it might be a bit expensive, and with the music option not working I would hope to see the price drop just a bit. But all in all NOTTI is a fun device.

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