NotesTab simplifies and adds functionality to note-taking.

Note taking on your personal computer can be a tedious task at times. Apple does provide the app, Notes, within it’s arsenal, but it’s not always the most easily accessible on your computer. This is where NotesTab can come in handy.

NotesTab-screenshotNotesTab by Fiplab is a menu bar utility that allows users to make quick, easily accessible notes while doing other tasks on the computer. It doesn’t require you to start up another application simply to make a quick note like Notes does. Like most menu bar utilities, NotesTab can start up with your computer making it so you don’t forget to check your notes.

NotesTab comes complete with functions like favorites, the use of hot-key commands for convenience and two different views – list and details. I would see this being most helpful for students taking notes in class or even the busy professional who has side thoughts during a meeting. Users can also share notes by email, social networks or messaging.

One thing I did notice is that NotesTab isn’t a ‘to do’ list. There is no option for marking a task complete. It is simply a well-designed note-taking app.

NotesTab is free to download from the Mac App Store and is currently on version 3.3. Developer Fiplab also created a NotesTab Pro that includes cloud syncing between app platforms as a feature. It retails for $4.99.

Because of its simplicity and ease of use, I would recommend this to all users.