Notepad+ is pen and paper right on your iPad.

Notepad4Ever since I got my iPad, I’ve been searching for a really great note-taking app – one that you can save pictures in as well as annotate with hand-written notes. In my line of work, being able to take very extensive notes is key. Sometimes a client wants to redesign entire slides in a digital presentation and it can be hard to get the instructions accurately by writing the notes down. With Notepad+ for iPad, I can make all the changes I want and easily share those notes with colleagues or even clients.

Notepad+ allows users to take notes, draw, make sketches, annotate on PDFs, create lists and memos. The best part about this app is that it’s a native app for the iPad and it’s mobile. When I’m taking notes on conference calls, it’s almost exclusively on my iPad because it’s the most mobile option for me to carry with me.

Notepad1When I started working with Notepad+ I was comforted by the familiar program layout that reminded me of Pages for the iPad. You select the paper swatch with a “+” symbol to start a new notepad. Then, you can start taking notes. One of the most impressive features of Notepad+ was the amount of templates that are available. There are 8 template galleries inside the app and each gallery has multiple options to choose from. From sports planning to geometric paper, the template galleries have you covered for any type of note-taking.

Another feature I really enjoy is the ability to handwrite notes. Even though there are many note-taking apps available, there aren’t many I’ve found that have a good handwriting option. Notepad+ does. First of all, my handwriting was legible. I have a stylus, but didn’t use it when creating an example. The one you see within this article is done with my index finger. I was very pleased with the result. In addition to the exceptional writing recognition that Notepad+ provides, the app also includes a lot of choices for pen/highlighter colors and point size. This is something that I’ve found with other apps, but they are usually an in-app purchase. These are included with Notepad+ at no extra charge.

Notepad5Notepad+ just received an update today with the following features included:

  • Brand-new lighter, cleaner design
  • New shape tool includes arrows, squares, circles, triangles and more
  • Ability to change the notebook template on the go
  • Copy the notebook as much as you want

If you are looking for a good note-taking app, I would highly recommend Notepad+. It retails for $4.99 and is available in the App Store. For more information, visit

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