Norton provides strong VPN support.

Norton WiFi Privacy is a subscription VPN service usable on OSX, iOS, Android, and Windows. It is a product aimed at people who use public WiFi and who also wish to protect their personal information from anyone snooping around the open connection. Norton WiFi Privacy protects users from anyone eavesdropping on their connection by creating a virtual private network (VPN) that encrypts data, doesn’t log activity, and maintains your online anonymity.

For this review, I used the service on both my iPhone and MacBook Pro.

Norton WiFi Privacy REVIEW Norton WiFi Privacy REVIEW

The iOS app is nice and simple. The home screen has a simple power button so you can switch the service on and off easily. It also displays information about your current WiFi connection, like whether or not it is secured and your current public IP address. Swipe and you can choose which region you wish to connect through. Swipe again to block (or not block) ad trackers. The app also has a side menu with basic help and utility functions. The Mac App is very similar in features and setup, so there’s good continuity across platforms (those two, at least). In ease of use, Norton WiFi Privacy gets high marks.

Norton WiFi Privacy REVIEW Norton WiFi Privacy REVIEW

Okay, so there are other VPNs out there. There are quite a few free services as well (like TunnelBear, for example) that are still user-friendly and protect your privacy. I’ve played with some of them, and I’m not convinced that Norton WiFi Privacy is worth the subscription fee. This service doesn’t really do or offer anything that you can’t find in other, less expensive (or free) ones (note that free, no-log VPN services often have usage limits, which this does not). It shared some of the same sluggish connectivity issues I’ve had with other VPNs too, especially on my phone, even with a strong WiFi signal. My phone randomly went to WiFi-assist when I was testing it a few times (and you all know that using cellular data in my own home is exactly what I want to be doing). It sometimes disconnected without warning. And at the end of the day, you kind of just have to trust that the service is doing what it says it’s doing on the encryption end of things. Not that I doubt it, but still.

Norton WiFi Privacy REVIEW

Finally, I have it, so if I find myself having to make an emergency credit card payment on my phone while in a coffee shop with unsecured WiFi, you can bet I’ll switch the service on for the minute it will take to make a secure connection, log into my account, and send that payment on its way. I’m not saying the service is bad in any way. I’m just saying that if you want to, you can get everything Norton WiFi Privacy has to offer without paying the annual fee.

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