New Focals Showroom iOS app enables customers in the U.S. and Canada to take their own measurements and order Focals online using an iPhone X or greater

North, makers of Focals smart glasses, today announced the online availability of Focals via the new Focals Showroom app. This release brings Focals smart glasses to customers across the U.S. and Canada at scale for the first time, letting them experience the future of eyewear, no matter where they live.

North announced Focals smart glasses in October 2018, launching the start of the evolution of traditional eyewear with stylish glasses that project an invisible display only the wearer can see, connecting them to their digital world. The launch included the opening of two North Flagship Retail Showrooms in Brooklyn and Toronto, followed by two mobile Pop-Up Showrooms that have been touring major cities since February 2019, introducing customers to Focals with hands-on demo experiences. The product has continued to evolve since launch with new enhanced software functionality consistently updating the product experiences.

The most recent product evolution now enables consumers to go through the North sizing process online without having to visit a retail Showroom.

Focals are custom-made for each wearer—customers previously needed to schedule an in-person appointment to go through North’s fitting process. Starting today, customers can now use the Focals Showroom app to go through North’s sizing experience using their (or a friend’s) iPhone X or greater. 

North will use these measurements to make prescription or non-prescription Focals for each customer, shipping them directly to the purchaser several weeks later along with instructions for final adjustments. Customers can also virtually try on Focals in a variety of colors in the Focals Showroom app.

“Our Flagship and Pop-up Showrooms have been a great opportunity to engage directly with and learn from our earliest customers, but we recognize our limited footprint represents a major barrier to customers outside of those locations,” said Stephen Lake, CEO and co-founder of North. “Today’s announcement unlocks online access for Focals. With this release, we’ll bring everyday smart glasses to customers across the U.S. and Canada.”

Alongside the roll-out of the Focals Showroom app, North will continue to operate both of its Flagship Showroom locations in Brooklyn and Toronto as well as its Pop-Up Showrooms. These locations will continue to serve as opportunities for customers to demo or purchase Focals in-person. 

North partnered with San Francisco-based startup Standard Cyborg on the depth scanning for facial measurements and virtual try-on used in the Focals Showroom app. For more information about Standard Cyborg, please visit:

North is focused on making products people love. The company does not sell or share customer data. Any customer information or facial data collected by North as part of the sizing process is encrypted when stored. Access to this data is limited and will be deleted within 30 days if a purchase is not made. Customers may request deletion of this information at any time. 

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