Nomad Wallet great new addition to daily life.

In just a few short days my life has changed. I always knew that it would be hard to live without a wallet, but I never thought that a wallet would change my everyday life. Nomad Wallet has done just that.

I have carried the same wallet most of my life, so it’s nice and broken-in. I’ve been told it was time for an upgrade, but I was just waiting for the right one to come along. It has. As a man, your wallet is like another part of your body. You sit on it and carry all of your essential items for everyday life. With cellular phones being part of most people’s everyday lives, we all need extra power or charging capabilities to fuel our phone addictions.

Nomad Wallet Review 2

Nomad Wallet provides you with a 2400 mAh rechargeable battery inside its folds. The technology behind it is really pretty astounding. Nomad designers used an SoC (system on chip) microprocessor and 01005 grade components that allowed fora battery of that capacity to be packed into such a small space. Nomad really strives to make self-sufficient devices in small packages to make sure that users can maintain a nomadic, minimalist lifestyle.

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At first glance, Nomad Wallet looks like most other well crafted leather wallets. The actual wallet was a much needed upgrade. With six cards slots, I don’t have to double stack cards anymore and that makes it a lot simpler to use. The cash slot is pretty standard and simple as is the side pocket on the inside.

The battery pack in the spine of the wallet isn’t quite what I expected. By storing the battery in the spine, Nomad was able to keep the size of the wallet to a standard wallet size. My imagination ran wild while waiting for the wallet with the battery built-in. I expected a thick and cumbersome pack. This was not even a close assumption. The size is deceptively small and light considering that it did indeed fully charge my iPhone 6 Plus from 6% to a full charge. The added weight and size of the battery to the wallet is thinner than and lighter than the wallet that I had been used to. Granted, I did do a little spring cleaning during the transition. The profile in my back pocket fully loaded was about the same as usual. I was worried about the battery not bending and fitting comfortably since it has a very solid aluminum case. Turns out that it’s not an issue at all.

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After a few days of carrying the Nomad Wallet, it just seems normal and natural. Charging the battery pack is simple. A micro USB slot at the bottom of the wallet is easy to work with and there are four tiny LED lights next to it to indicate the charge level. Companies are putting battery packs in all sorts of things these days, but what really make the Nomad Wallet stand out is that there is a short Lightning cable built into the wallet. The cable is only about three and a half inches long which is plenty long enough to charge your phone and keep it in the same pocket as the wallet when you are on the go.

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Few devices have worked their way into my everyday life and changed it for the better as quick as Nomad Wallet has done. I used to carry my Nomad Key in my wallet for all of my emergency charging. It’s like Nomad was watching me and responded accordingly. There is no going back to a standard wallet now.

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