Ultra Rugged Charging Cables ensure you can continue the adventure no matter where you are.

Nomad, a company known for making high-quality, minimalist, practical tools that keep users powered on the go, has just released a new set of charging cables for the urban nomad. Power is at the heart of everything we do. We reach out to others using a tiny computer that we carry with us (smartphones) and we require a connection to power in order to keep the lines of communication open and available. Nomad knows how to create products that help people when they are on the move and as such they have released a gorgeous line of cables that are as durable as they are stylish.

NOMAD Ultra Rugged Charging Cables REVIEW

Each of the three cables features braided ballistic nylon with reinforced RF shielding. The cables also have a thick protective PVC jacket and an extra thick wire gauge with kevlar core. Originally developed to protect military forces from shrapnel and bullets, the cables are designed to wear well no matter how much you use them. And as such, they have been tested to military specs (built to withstand over 10,000 flexions). You really won’t have to worry about these cables fraying or getting tangled. They are all 5-feet long, which is plenty of length for most charging needs. The cables even come with their own cable management with their Vulcanized LSR Cable Tie.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to test out these new powerhouse cables and am eager to share my thoughts.

Lightning Cable

This is probably the best basic Lightning cable I’ve used. I charge my iOS Lighting compatible devices so much that the standard Apple Lightning cable ends up looking like it’s been run over by a lawn mower when I’m really just wrapping it up and storing it in my laptop bag. I need something durable for travel – even just the daily commute. The Nomad Lightning Cable is designed to last. In addition to the specs listed above, the Lightning Cable also includes 20AWG for fast charging.

NOMAD Ultra Rugged Charging Cables REVIEW

As a test, I charged my iPhone 7 with the Nomad Lightning Cable and just a standard while Apple Lighting charge/sync cable. Each cable had 5 minutes (timed by my Apple Watch) to charge wth my phone and I used the same port on a USB power station on my desk. I found that the Apple Lightning cable added 4% to my iPhone’s battery as did the Nomad Lightning Cable. So, we’ll call that a draw on that test. The Nomad cable beats the Apple cable in terms of durability, though. Now, one thing I need to note here is that my battery was at 72% when I started my testing and well over 85% by the time I was completed. iPhone batteries have been known to charge faster at first and then slower when the are closer to 100%. So some of my charging results could be skewed by that.

3-in-1 Universal Cable

The one cable to rule them all. Nomad’s Universal Cable truly is. I’ve used many different types of multi-use cables, but none that incorporates Lightning, Micro USB, and USB-C into its ecosystem. The main cable is Micro USB with the tips being the other two types of connectors. The tips are very well positioned on the cable. They lift and twist to cover the Micro USB connector and are easily managed. I did find that connecting the tips to the cable can be a little aggravating at times. They are designed to fit on the Micro USB end in a certain way and if they aren’t turned to be on the correct side, you could end up trying to force the tip onto the cable and risk damaging it. Take it from me, pay attention to which side the tip should be on.

NOMAD Ultra Rugged Charging Cables REVIEW

As for charging, I ran the same test on the Universal cable as I did on the Lightning cable. After 5 minutes, the Universal cable only added 3% to my iPhone 7. In my opinion, it’s really not fair to compare this cable directly to a standard Lightning cable because I wouldn’t use it, in the same way, I would a plain old Lightning cable. I would take this cable when I didn’t want to have multiple types of cables on me at one time.

Battery Cable

This is somewhat of a unique device/accessory in the technology world. In fact, I’ve only seen one other instance of it. It’s a portable battery and charging cable in one. The cable acts as a passthrough so that when it’s connected to power and your phone, the phone gets charged first and then the battery. The battery has a capacity of 2350 mAh, which is enough for one full charge for an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. The battery has a status light on its side and seems to be very sturdy.

I ran two separate tests on the Battery Cable. First, the standard charging test (same as above). The Battery Cable produced 2% battery for my phone. The second test was to charge my phone directly from the battery – without it being plugged into power. With that test, I gained 3% battery power (at this point the battery was at 85% – I do believe the rate at which it charges slows down a bit).

NOMAD Ultra Rugged Charging Cables REVIEW

This is an interesting device, but one that has a great purpose – it keeps you from carrying a cable AND a battery. It is a little heavy, but not so much that it would weigh down a bag. Also, I wish the longer end of the cable was on the standard USB side rather than the Lighting cable side. I did find that the battery gets just a little bit warm after it’s been charging a device for very long. It wasn’t hot to the touch, just warm. I would love this product for traveling – especially in airport situations because you could plug into a charging station or wall without having to fumble through various devices/cables in that confined environment.


All the Nomad Ultra Rugged Charging Cables are good choices for durable, long-lasting cables. The range in price between the cables is $29 – $40. They are built to outlast the other cables in the market and I do believe they can.

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