Nominate relief groups, nonprofits, community foundations, and anyone who might need medical supplies to receive face masks. 

NOMAD activated its supply chain earlier this year to produce needed medical supplies for first responders and essential businesses. Now, they are taking that a step further by kicking off a campaign to get masks directly into the hands of communities and groups that need them the most. 

As of this morning, Nomad is making one million face masks available to nonprofit and community organizations. The NOMAD community has the chance to nominate worthy organizations that are in need of masks. Simply fill out the form online to nominate, Nomad will connect to make sure a donation is needed, and if so, they will send masks out. If you don’t want to nominate an organization to receive masks, but still want to help out, you can help Nomad donate even more masks here. They will be giving all additional contributions to Direct ReliefGlideMeals on WheelsAmerican Red Cross, and United Way. These organizations provide aid on a wide range of causes from humanitarian relief to Native American support and Senior Citizen care.

They are also launching a 1:1 donation matching campaign with four organizations they already identified as needing masks. Simply select an amount to donate and an organization. Nomad will match your donation.

For more information on NOMAD’s medical supply efforts, visit, Facebook, and Twitter.