NEW Nomad Strap is the perfect compliment for the Apple Watch.

One of my favorite mobile devices is my Apple Watch. I rarely go a day without it on my wrist. I’ve been very impressed with the original Strap for Apple Watch from Nomad. Nomad strives to make minimalist, practical products and are evolving quickly into a smartwatch-first accessories company. As such, they have updated and released a NEW Strap for Apple Watch.

The NEW Strap for Apple Watch is actually very similar in design to the original that was released about six months ago. It’s hand-crafted with Italian leather and durable stainless steel hardware. The two big changes in this edition of the Strap are the new color choices and the addition of the 38mm sized band.

NEW Strap for Apple Watch Review

Personality & Style
For those of you who own Apple Watches, you know that it becomes an extension of yourself and the band you choose helps to show off your personality. Apple has a strong line up of watch bands, but the Strap is something just a bit more. The leather is raw and so it captures some of your individuality. This is one of my favorite features about the Strap – no two bands are the same. The leather is minimally treated, which lets the band age naturally over time. Every scratch and scuff simply adds to the band’s personality.

Because Strap takes on its own personality, it has a whole new level of style. I have the original Strap, too, and love how you can wear it with a suit as easily as you can with more casual outfits. The new colors – Amber Gray, Rustic Brown, and Classic Tan – combine style and innovation. The hardware comes in two colors – black and stainless – to matches most Apple Watch bodies. While it’s not totally indestructible, the stainless steel hardware is very durable and resists scratches. You can feel comfortable wearing the Nomad Strap on your Apple Watch because it’s tough as well as stylish.

NEW Strap for Apple Watch Review

I was fortunate enough to be able to test out the Nomad Strap shortly after its release. I have been wearing it almost exclusively for the past week and have found it to be comfortable and sophisticated in style. I really love that it’s constructed so well. The designers at Nomad really put a lot of care and consideration into the Strap’s functionality. It is a little bit of a tight fit when you first start wearing it, but that’s the nature of real leather. It starts to loosen up quickly and the more you wear it, the more it molds itself to you.

One concern I originally had with the Strap was breathability. When I went to CES earlier this year, I wanted to don this amazing accessory throughout the event, but was concerned that frequent daily use might warp the band too much, or ruin the leather with excessive moisture from sweat. My fears were quickly assuaged when the team at Nomad assured me that some liquid – sweat, water splashes, etc. – is not going to damage the band. Like I said – it’s tough.

NEW Strap for Apple Watch Review

The Nomad Strap is really a no-brainier for Apple Watch owners. It’s sleek, stylish, and innovative in design. It’s made of premium materials, just like the watch itself, and it’s the perfect compliment as any accessory. The band retails for $150 and can be ordered directly from Nomad.

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