Nomad Stand for Apple Watch Review:

A precision-machined aluminum charging stand for Apple Watch. 

Nomad Stand for Apple Watch Review 3When the Apple Watch was announced I was excited, not just because of the new toy from Apple, but also because of all the new product lines that would be created thanks to it. My only question was, “How long would it be until companies would come to market with the amazing new accessories?”

Nomad maker of the NomadClip and other really cool charging accessories did not disappoint when they designed their stand for the Apple Watch. It’s made from one solid piece of extruded, precision-machined, aircraft grade, CNC’d aluminum.

Nomad Stand for Apple Watch Review 4It’s got a real feel of quality when you hold it in your hand. Some stands I’ve tested out have been a little top heavy, but not the Stand for Apple Watch. Nomad has designed it very well to sit on your night stand or desk without the worry of it moving around when placing or taking your Apple Watch off the stand. It’s got non-slip, high friction rubber footing and a solid chunk of copper for added ballast.


“At over 3 times the weight of aluminum, you’ll quite literally feel the difference our copper alloy base makes in keeping Stand appropriately tethered to the surface.”  And you really can.

Nomad Stand for Apple Watch Review 5Something I really enjoy about the Stand over others I’ve tried out is how the angle of the stand rests. Some other stands have too much of a vertical presence. The Stand by Nomad gives you just the right angle to easily place the Apple Watch on it without fiddling around with sliding the strap though a slot or having to disconnect your band. I’ve seen some really cool stands and some very poorly designed ones in a really short amount of time. Nomad Stand has to be one of the nicest I’ve used to date. Nomad Stand for Apple Watch has a slot cut out for the charging puck to sit in. The charging cable is routed down and along the side of the Stand to help control it.

Nomad Stand for Apple Watch Review 6Something I was concerned about was how the charging cable would route along side of the stand. Because there is no coating on the stand, you’re pressing the soft cable right up in a semi sharp metal grove. This could become problematic if you are removing the cable from the stand repeatedly, but let’s be honest the point of the stand is to keep in one place so removing the cable won’t be something you would do often, even if you do it would take quite a bit to cause damage to the cable.


Stand for Apple Watch Specifications

  • Size: 10.5 cm x 9.0 cm x 5.0 cm
  • Materials: Military grade aluminum, copper alloy (for ballast), rubber bottom
  • Charge Inputs: Apple Watch charging cable 1m and 2m versions
  • Compatibility: 38mm and 42mm of Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Edition

Nomad Stand for Apple Watch Review 7Conclusion

The Stand is great. Some might say a bit pricey for a stand that holds a watch, but if you pay for the Apple Watch then you definietly want something with great design and built well to accompany your Watch. Nomad’s Stand for Apple Watch retails for $69.95. It’s a solid buy that you can’t go wrong with.

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