A minimalist wallet with a little extra inside.

I’ve always been a big fan of keeping things simple. I loved Steve Job’s practice of wearing the same clothing every day because it freed his mind up to think about other things. Minimalist is definitely the way I like to think about things in my opinion. That’s why I’ve always liked Nomad.

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The company launched with its inaugural product, the ChargeCard in 2012 the same year MacSources was born. I guess that’s why I’ve always had a particular fondness for Nomad as a company that and their premium accessories that are tailored so finely for its users. 

I’ve been fortunate to be able to work with Nomad since the founding of their company and I’ve loved to see them grow. One of my favorite products has been their line of charging wallets. It’s a very convenient way to always keep a charger with you for emergency use. I’ve been using their latest addition to that product line the Slim wallet with Tile Tracking and I’m excited to tell you my thoughts on it. 

NOMAD Slim Wallet with Tile Tracking REVIEW


Just like all their wallets, the Slim Wallet with Tile Tracking is made with Top Grain Horween Leather. Its price is comparable to the other Nomad wallets (around $80) and it’s made in America. The biggest difference with the Slim Wallet with Tile Tracking is that it does ‘not’ contain a battery. It measures 3” x 4” x 0.6” when closed and it has a built-in Tile Slim for tracking your wallet at all times. The wallet holds up to 15 cards with 2 cash pockets at one time and it keeps the Tile Slim hidden inside a secret pocket. The Tile app connects to the Tile Slim inside the wallet and allows you to pinpoint your wallet at all times. Once you activate it, the battery is good for up to a year. 


In typical Nomad form, the Slim Wallet arrived in a stylish box with both the Nomad branding and a Tile logo featured on the box. The main details made with Horween leather, location tracking with Tile, holding capabilities, etc. are included in print on the box. There is no doubt that you get what you are looking for from what’s included on the box. When you open the box, you will find a luxurious pouch with ‘Nomad’ embossed on the front. There is also a ‘Getting Started’ guide with instructions on how to pair and use the Tile. 

NOMAD Slim Wallet with Tile Tracking REVIEW

NOMAD Slim Wallet with Tile Tracking REVIEW

The first step is to download the Tile app. It’s a free app and available for iOS and Android. If you already have another Tile device, you can just add a new device. If you’ve never had a Tile device, the pairing process is very simple. You select the ‘+’ symbol in the app and then choose the device you are adding. Then, you tap the Tile device in this case inside the wallet’s secret pocket and a chime will play. The app will let you know that it’s done pairing and you can test out the find function. You can use the app to find the wallet or the wallet to find your phone. It’s all based on sound for the most part the chime from the Tile or the ring from your phone but you do have the option of looking at the Tile’s last location on a map within the app, too. 

I’ve had a lot of good experiences with Tile trackers. They function really well and have been reliable as far as location tracking goes. The great thing about one being integrated into this wallet is that if it gets stolen, you actually have a chance of finding it. The only issue I’ve had with the trackers in the past is that they weren’t loud enough for me to hear as I have high-end hearing loss. The Tile Slim inside the wallet is loud enough for me to hear for the most part. I can hear it well when I’m in the same room and it’s out in the open. If it’s tucked into a piece of furniture say it fell out of my pocket while I was sitting on the couch then I have a harder time hearing it. The good thing is that Nomad picked a melody that is in the right pitch frequency for me to hear it and that’s a hard feat to accomplish. 

NOMAD Slim Wallet with Tile Tracking REVIEW

NOMAD Slim Wallet with Tile Tracking REVIEW

Nomad claims that this wallet can hold up to 15 cards. When I first took it out of its box and started examining it, I thought, “There is no way it can hold 15 cards, cash, and the Tile.” I was honestly about to call shenanigans, but I took the time to shove as many cards as possible into the minimalistic wallet and found that sure enough, you can fit many cards into it. They’re not exactly easy to pull in and out of the wallet and it does lay more open than closed when on a flat surface (as evidenced by the photo above), but I was able to fit a lot more than I originally thought into the wallet — 15 cards, including my Driver’s License, 4 dollar bills, and of course, the Tile.


I really love the design of the Slim Wallet with Tile Tracking. It’s small and easy to carry anywhere. It has the classy leather look that Nomad prides itself on and you can find it when it gets lost quite easily. This wallet is a really good investment for anyone who travels. The only downside to this wallet is that it does not include RFID shielding. That’s one thing I do wish Nomad would start taking advantage of in their designs. Other than that, I think the Slim Wallet with Tile Tracking is great for most users.

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