Never lose your Keys, FIFI or FIDO again.

There are some days that I think my children have squirrel DNA because they find methods to hide remotes in the most obscure locations. It is frustrating to continuously need to hunt down the TV/Roku/Apple TV/Sound Bar remote, or a misplaced phone, purse, etc. If you have ever misplaced your phone/wallet/keys, thanks Adam Sandler, you may truly understand the importance of the Find My Features or of modern trackers/apps. Even though several companies exist within the market space, an Apple-specific tracker like the AirTags will integrate even more efficiently into the Apple ecosystem. It was for this reason that I purchased the 4-pack of Apple AirTags on launch day 4/29/21.

As new core brand tech is released, I look to accessory manufacturers to expand/enhance the features/scope of the products. I was not too surprised to learn that the AirTags were designed and shipped without an enclosure/attachment method. In fact, with the dongle frenzy, I expected Apple to provide a dozen or more SKU options to their website. I was confident that they would have a variety of methods to attach their new device to any number of things, and with several color options. Luckily, companies like Nomad are ready, willing, and able to give you the upgraded, full product experience that you long for.

Today, 5/11/21, Nomad announces a solution to a few problems that you may not have even considered. As the AirTags were announced, NOMAD was sure of two things. First, people needed a waterproof AirTag solution, and secondly, they would greatly benefit from attaching an AirTag tracker to their pets. To solve this problem, Nomad has produced a Rugged Keychain and Rugged Pet ID tag for AirTags. The Rugged AirTag Keychain and Rugged Pet ID Tag are constructed with a TPU-overmolded polycarbonate shell in two enclosure options: 1. IP67 waterproof backing. 2. Speaker-hole back panel. As an optional enhancement, NOMAD has added a customizable metal cover for the pet collar. You can make the design your own by adding a custom stainless steel insert with custom text engraving. Simply add your pet’s name to their collar, or add your address or phone number to your keyring. You can add the keyring to a purse, a backpack, or any other item with a felt/plastic/metal loop.

Choose the Nomadic path and enjoy a laissez faire, on-the-go lifestyle, with a surety that your gear will be where you need it to be.

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