NOMAD Rugged Case iPhone XS

10 NOMAD Rugged Case iPhone XS - Moment Lens Reader REVIEW


  • High-quality leather covering
  • Fits the phone well
  • Feels good while being held


  • None
Ease of Use

A stylish case with premium finishes. 

I am one of those iPhone users that like to make sure their phone is well-protected by keeping it in a case. I like simplistic designs for cases and really enjoy the cases that NOMAD produces. They make minimalist accessories and I’ve always liked the way that they work with Apple products. So, when the Rugged Case was released for iPhone XS, I was excited to try it out. 


This case is specially designed to work with the Moment lens for iPhone. It works with both the iPhone XS and X and is compatible with all of Moment’s current lenses. The Rugged Case is equipped with rugged construction for regular daily use. It’s a simple, minimalist case with a sleek design. The body of the case is made with a high-grade polycarbonate body with a TPE bumper on the edges. The case is wrapped (on the back) with Horween leather. The leather will develop a natural patina over time with more use. The Moment lens is not included with the case. The case is Qi Wireless compatible and will be compatible with Apple AirPower (when released). 

NOMAD Rugged Case iPhone XS - Moment Lens Reader REVIEW


  • Vegetable tanned Horween leather
  • Dupont™ polycarbonate frame
  • Rubber TPE bumper
  • Protective Microfiber Lining
  • Uses Moment’s current, v2 fiberglass reinforced lens mount interface
  • Raised edges to protect iPhone screen
  • 10ft drop protection


I wasn’t sure what to expect from this NOMAD case because I’ve had other NOMAD leather cases that were not built well. I believe it was determined in those circumstances that the cases were defective, but even with those experiences, I decided to try this Rugged Case. The first impression was very good. The case comes in a standard NOMAD box. The closure is magnetic on the side. So, it’s easy to open up and see the product inside. I could immediately see that the leather was permanently wrapped around the case body, which is different than some other leather cases I’ve tried in the past. 

NOMAD Rugged Case iPhone XS - Moment Lens Reader REVIEW

I removed the case from the box and snapped it onto my iPhone XS. While the case is rigid, there is a certain amount of flexibility to it. I was able to secure the case easily and could remove it easily, too. The cutout for the camera lens on the back is contoured specifically to fit with the Moment lens for iPhone, but it doesn’t block the natural camera lens of the phone if you don’t have the Moment. I actually did not have the Moment lens to use along with this case but found it to be a suitable case even without the external lens attachment. 

I really fell for this case as it has a great premium design and is very protective for the iPhone. It feels great in the hand and because it has a gorgeous brown leather covering, it will go with anything. The cutouts for the ports are perfect for access to the phone and the buttons are very easy to press. After using this case for even just a single day, I was very impressed with how well it wore in the ‘real world’. I took it in and out of my pocket while shopping during the holiday season and it didn’t cause any scratches on the case or unsightly scarring. 

NOMAD Rugged Case iPhone XS - Moment Lens Reader REVIEW


Even though I don’t have the Moment lens, I found the Rugged Case from NOMAD to be one of my favorite new cases for my iPhone XS. It fits the phone really well and it’s easy to remove from the phone when needed. There have been some leather cases that seem to just have a lining applied, but the Rugged Case from NOMAD looks finished and beautiful. It’s a really great looking, executive style phone case. 

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