A beautifully unique leather case.

It’s been over a week since the release of the iPhone X. It’s the sleekest and most beautifully designed handheld device I have ever laid eyes on. The last thing I want to do is drop my new iPhone and crack either the front or back glass or with my luck, both at the same time. While it may be very fragile and expensive I still want it to appear sleek and modern while in a case. Big and bulky cases just slow down movement while having the added side effect of being ugly and dumb. I need a phone case that doesn’t make me look silly and instead shows me as a stylish and professional person.

NOMAD Leather Rugged Case for iPhone X REVIEW

One of my favorite companies, Nomad, is awesome when it comes to designing professional-looking products including cases. So it’s no surprise that when I chose their Rugged Case to protect my phone, I found qualities I was looking for. While I have several other Nomad products, I still looked at the Rugged Case with fresh and unbiased eyes. At first glance, the Rugged Case is just beautiful. The profile is slim and sleek. It doesn’t really add any excessive bulk to the iPhone, making it still feel natural in your hand while not hindering movement and operation.  The front of the case is made out of black plastic and has button additions along with a small cutout for vibration switches. The lines aren’t sharp and angular, so it feels very comfortable for short or long periods of time in your hands. It does have some rubbery give to it around the Lightning Port. The case doesn’t feel like it would break easily though. The real stand out feature of the Rugged Case is the

NOMAD Leather Rugged Case for iPhone X REVIEW

The real stand-out feature of the Rugged Case is the leather back. This is not pleather. It’s real, authentic Horween leather. The back of the case is simply elegant. It doesn’t matter what situation or place you could possibly be in, leather is almost always appropriate. As I mentioned above, the leather is from Horween located in Chicago since 1905. Like any other leather product, it’s nice to have true professionals to craft it for you. If you add that to a great case, you always look good. Also with leather, it’s going to pick up some everyday wear and tear like scuffs and scrapes adding to the look and appeal of the leather. It will age beautifully and unique to your own life. There will be no two that look alike after a short amount of time. The Rugged Case has an overall tough frame that is drop tested to 10 feet making it a functionally formed case as well as exceptionally designed.

NOMAD Leather Rugged Case for iPhone X REVIEW

Nomad’s Rugged Case easily became my regular iPhone X Case overnight. I can’t wait to see how it will change for the better shortly down the road with my personal experience.

For more information, visit hellonomad.com.
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