Carry your iPhone in comfort and style with this Horween leather case from Nomad.

When it comes to our smartphones, I have found that people can be grouped into a few subsets.  You have those people who would rather keep their phone unadorned, naked and glorious in its own shell.  You also have the bumper style cases, which protect the back, the sides and extend just above the screen to reduce scratches.  These can be made of metal, silicone, leather, plastic or any other combination of substances.  They provide some protection, but they are not like the last group.  I have been part of the last group, feeling the need to lock my phone into a safe.  I like to refer to this group as the chastity phone group.  This group has a fully enclosed shell of plastic or metal, screen protector, and some even have a rubberized/silicone outer shell. Some may be waterproof and completely sealed.  I have lately been venturing away from the comfort of my chastity case and into the Goldilocks zone (fits just right), with a Nomad Leather Case.

The product is packaged in rather fancy looking retail packaging.  The cover displays the iPhone 7 plus case very elegantly and along the top left you will find the Nomad brand, in large silver lettering.  The product is listed as being Horween leather, which is an American-made, high-quality leather.  It has laser cut contact points with your phone and has 360 edge protection, which allows the leather to raise just above the edge of the screen to provide additional protection. The back of the packaging displays one of the most exciting aspects of this case.  The longer you have it, the more unique it becomes to you.  The light brown “rustic” color will darken with time, as the leather matures.  The color change with time is called the patina, “the darkened, lustrous sheen that emerges through use.” Apparently, this is only possible thanks to the methods used by the Horween company.  I have to admit, I knew nothing of this until I talked with Chuck and Noah from the Nomad team.

Nomad Leather Case for iPhone REVIEW
The Horween Leather company, in Chicago, Illinois, was founded in 1905 and has been in the business of creating the world’s best leather.  By selecting the best components and using the correct methods instead of cutting corners, Horween leather is one of the countries oldest tanneries. For five generations, the company and family have perfected leather.  From rawhide to finished product, the company has combined ancient techniques with modern day technology to bring the “unbranded, unharmed hides” to the brands we cherish.  It is through this dedication that they have been the exclusive suppliers of leather for our NFL football (since 1941) and NBA basketballs.

I believe that it is this attention to detail that drew Nomad to the product.  It is also for this reason that Nomad chose to not stamp their logo on “nature’s quality work.”  Instead, Nomad has placed their brand seal on the microfiber inner lining. This lining is designed to protect your phone from scratches, while the leather and polycarbonate shell protect the back, corners, sides and screen edge, with full wrap construction.  I really enjoy the quality and the craftsmanship of the case, it really does add a flare of personality to your phone.  I have not yet had the device long enough to appreciate the patina, but I look forward to seeing what it looks like in 3 months.  Of all of the features of the case, I perhaps enjoy the smell of the leather most of all.  Not only do you have quality leather built into a quality case, with microfiber protection and laser cut ports, you have this in a product that weighs as much as 70 paper clips (grams).

Nomad Leather Case for iPhone REVIEW
In total, the case and iPhone 7 plus weigh 7.6 ounces and measure 160 mm tall by 80 mm wide by x 7.5 mm deep.  The lightning port cutout is purposefully cut large to accommodate any size lightning cables.   The camera port is well placed as are the sliders, volume buttons, and off switch.  The only negative that I have for the case is a personal preference of phone carriage.  I tend to carry my phones on my belt and there is no holster included with the phone or sold by Nomad.  Even a simple pouch would likely suffice.  I am having to get used to alternate methods of carrying and the website does not mention a suggested carry method either.  I can only assume that they are expecting this to be a pocket carry phone.

I am really excited about the patina and that everyone will have a unique experience with the Nomad case.  Just think, a Hatchimal only hatches once and costs around $70-80 dollars.  With the Nomad leather case, you get an entire quarter of the year to experience the magic of the color change and at nearly half of the price.

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