Rugged but stylish band for the Apple Watch.

Ever since I got my Apple Watch I’ve searched for watch bands that accentuate the watch, are comfortable to wear, and are durable enough to stand up to daily life. I have really enjoyed the bands that Apple releases and have even found some great third party bands, but I love adding to my collection so that I always have choices. I’ve found that I really like having different options depending on what I will be doing that day. Last fall, when Apple had its iPhone event, they announced the launch of the Apple Watch Nike+ along with the special Nike Sports Band. I immediately wanted to try that band out. I loved that it was designed to be durable, but also breathable since it would primarily be used for active lifestyles. It would be months later when I was able to get my hands on it, but I must say that it’s been a welcome addition to my collection. I’ve not found a third party band that could really compare to the Apple Nike Sport Band — until now.

Nomad Sport Strap REVIEW

Nomad, a company synonymous with premium Apple accessories, has just released their Sport Strap, a durable, but stylish option for those with an active lifestyle. The Sport Strap is made entirely out of LSR silicone, which is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. The strap features a full-length face that spans the entire width of the Apple Watch. The silicone is vulcanized to be more superior than other rubber products. It’s the same process that many automobile tires go through to ensure that they will hold up against high temperatures. The Sport Strap is the same price-point as Apple’s Sport bands (~$50) and it comes in two color options — black & slate or black & volt.

Nomad Sport Strap REVIEW

The Sport Strap arrived in a Nomad branded box with a full-size photo on the cover. The box indicates that the strap is swim proof and that it will fit Apple Watch Series 1 & 2 models. There is a nice paragraph on the flip side of the box that talks about why Nomad selected the materials that they did for the Sport Strap. Just like the Apple Watch Bands, the Sport Strap arrives in two parts for connection to your watch body. The buckle side of the strap has an imprint of the watch size it’s intended for — mine is the 42mm. On the reverse side of the band, you will find the Nomad logo and the “Nomad” name imprinted on either part of the strap.

Nomad Sport Strap REVIEW

I really liked the feel of the Sport Strap. It is lightweight and doesn’t slide around a lot. Installing it onto my watch body wasn’t an issue at all. It slid right into the slots on the body without any problems. The strap looks pretty slick with Stainless Steel Apple Watch body. I have the Black/Volt version and I really like how vibrant the bright green stands out. The band is comfortable to wear and it’s great for everyday use as well as physical activities. I like how the buckle is designed because it ends up laying nearly flat on your wrist. I also like how flexible the strap is. It makes it very easy to store the strap and also swap it out when needed.

Nomad Sport Strap REVIEW

If you are looking for a good strap for an active lifestyle, the Sport Strap from Nomad is a really nice addition to any collection. Its design is different enough from the Apple Nike Band that you could enjoy having both available.

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