An outstanding case that provides superior protection.

After a few weeks with the iPhone X, I don’t see how anyone could ever get by without one. The iPhone X is smaller than my iPhone 6 Plus, but I seem to always need more and more pocket space. Like so many other iPhone X owners, I decided to keep my phone in a case for protection purposes. I initially tried a bulkier case since the phone has glass on both sides. I love the look of the iPhone X and still want to be able to see its dramatic design. So, I like to show it off to everyone who didn’t wait in line overnight like I did. I need a case that accentuates the glory of the iPhone X that isn’t bulky and saves me overall pocket space, all the while looking stylish and refined.

NOMAD Clear Folio iPhone X Case REVIEW

Nomad is a name that I have turned to many times for different every day carry items and they have always come through for me. So it was logical for me to turn to their Clear Folio case for the iPhone X. I’m a fan of any case that does more than just protect my shiny new gadgets. I like for them to have multiple purposes. The Clear Folio does just that.

The shell of the case is a standard clear bumper case, but not. It’s made from high-grade polycarbonate fused to a rubber TPE bumper. It’s not just a clunky case, and that shows in the design and manufacturing. Most clear cases are just cranked out of a machine and sent right to the consumer with sharp edges and stiff button areas. The Clear Folio is smooth around every curved edge and feels nice in the hand. The button area isn’t molded into the plastic, they are separate buttons popped into place meaning that every time you click on them they will respond with the slightest of ease.

NOMAD Clear Folio iPhone X Case REVIEW

Now I would be happy with all of this for a case, but Nomad had more in mind. The Clear Folio also acts as a wallet replacement as well. Attached to the clear case is a beautiful authentic leather wallet from Horween Leather made in Chicago. The leather comes brand new and pretty much free of blemishes, but will acquire and different color and scuffs from the everyday grind which adds to its long-term appeal. The wallet has three slots that hold up to six cards. It’s ideal for most people and for the people who carry way too much, this gives them the option to downsize in a healthy and stylish way. For the people who still insist on carrying actual paper money there is a slot running the length of the entire leather wallet. The leather wallet also acts as a decent screen protector for the front of the iPhone so that while it’s in your pocket, the case protects the phone from keys, coins, and whatever you might have in your pockets.

NOMAD Clear Folio iPhone X Case REVIEW

Installing the iPhone X is simple. Just pop it in, figure out which cards are essential and you are good to go. The case has raised edges to protect the iPhone screen and the case provides 6-foot drop protection for your phone. It’s a wonderful case that highlights not only the outstanding style of the iPhone X, but it also provides superior protection.

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