Nold Open allows you to control your gate and garage door with your phone and share access to them.

Nold Open is a smartphone-controlled, Bluetooth enabled gate opener device. One of the main advantages is that Nold Open works with Bluetooth Smart technology, therefore it doesn’t depend on the data plan or unreliable wifi connection. You can connect an unlimited number of smartphones and handle an unlimited number of Nold devices with one, free, user-friendly application.

Nold Open is compatible with most electric garage doors, gates or barriers. You can grant access to your friends & family members easily by sending an invitation in email and you can revoke access just as easily.

Nold Open Garage Door Opener Indiegogo Campaign NEWSNold is compatible with most garage door openers, gate openers, and more. It has a simple-to-use cloud website that allows you to manage large numbers of guests and devices.

Nold Open will be available as a HomeKit version in early 2017. The standard option is currently available for pre-order. The Indiegogo campaign still has 20 days left and still has a little over $12,000 left to meet its goal. The HomeKit version can be preordered for $90.

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