Extension takes the pain out of photo editing.

Noiseless Photos App Extension Review 3Photos replaced the all mighty iPhoto earlier this year and since its creation and weird death of Aperture, Apple’s professional photo editing software, many people have been looking for replacements. Some users have chosen Adobe’s Lightroom and other editing apps. A feature that was added to Apple’s new Photos app that sometimes does not get as much attention as it deserves is its ability to use extensions to third party apps. This makes Apple’s photos app a much more powerful piece of software. One of these extensions is made by Macphun, who makes lots of very nice editing apps. Back in May, we did a review on Noiseless, you can find it here. And today, I’m going to tell you about the Noiseless extension for Photos.

Noiseless is an amazing app that takes the pain out of cleaning up digital noise that can appear in photos with bad lighting. Before Noiseless I would spend my time inside of Photoshop trying to clean up a picture that I found to be worth keeping a memory of. Unfortunately that memory I wanted to keep had been hindered by bad lighting. Thanks to Noiseless I don’t have to trash that great memory because I can smooth out the digital noise.

Photo_3To enable any extensions that are available from other apps, go to System Preference on your Mac and select Extensions. Then, choose Photos. Any apps that have extensions available, will show up in this list. If you check the extension, it will then appear as an option in Photos when you go to edit a picture. You may not have to go through all these steps though as many apps will automatically activate the Photos extension when the native app is opened. These extensions will show up when you go to edit a photo and you will have the option to select ‘More,’ which will also take you to System Preferences for a complete list of available extensions.

As you can see in the images provided, Noiseless removes the digital artifacting and by using it inside of the Photos App, I’m getting full control of the ability to revert to the original image.

So, with using the extension inside Apple’s Photos app, you can save time from jumping back and forth between apps. No need to save an image out from one app just to open in a second. This makes extensions super powerful and by using the Noiseless extension you’re getting the same powerful app just inside of the Photos app from Apple.

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