Nixplay Cloud Frames are the easiest way to get in touch with your photos.

We use our tech products to streamline and simplify our lives which can sometimes hinder our emotional connections.  Even though we have so many social platforms I felt I was missing a closer connection for sharing photos and events with family.  The Nixplay Iris WiFi digital picture frame has given me a way to have those close to me instantly add photos to a frame on my desk.  The overall concept leaves me with a wonderful display of those I love and holds a sentimental value that I see as priceless.

The packing that the Nixplay Iris comes in is very nice and compliments the product well.  After I had everything unboxed I was so pleased with the frame’s look alone.  It has a sleek silver finish and I loved how the back integrated the cable into being the stand that the frame is supported on.  It is bendable, so you can display the frame horizontal and vertical.  Included with the frame are a USB power cable, US, UK, and EU power adapters, a quick start guide, and a remote.  The Nixplay mobile companion app is available iTunes and Android devices and you can activate your frame on to edit your playlists.  There is also a feature for motion sensing that will turn the frame on when it detects movement so that it is not consistently playing while no one is around.

Nixplay Iris 8-inch WiFi Digital Picture Frame

Setup was extremely simple but the quick start guide didn’t give an in-depth look at the features that the frame has.  Once I had it hooked up the frame started up promptly and played a video with sound.  It basically walked me through the process of setting up wifi with it and did a 5-minute software update.  During that time I downloaded the Nixplay app to my iPhone 7 Plus.  The app itself makes it so simple to send pictures to the frame instantly.  You also have the ability to be able to add multiple users. That to me is where the connection was made for me to how great this frame is.  I can be across the country from someone in my family and they can send me a photo which not only shows they’re thinking of me but lets me see into their life even so far away.

Nixplay Iris 8-inch WiFi Digital Picture Frame

The only issue I had with the app is that the full function features are not available on it.  To remove a picture and edit playlists you have to do it through the website.  On the Nixplay website, it shows I have 10GB of cloud space to upload.  I can also link up to 5 frames to my one account.  Also, not all images upload ready to fit the screen.  I went through settings to quickly fix this situation because some were so large and it had to scroll through the picture.  You can choose to fit to screen which helped take care of that.  I do like the picture transitions and would like to be able to customize them a little more.  Overall the frame works fantastically and the pictures look great on the display.

Nixplay Iris 8-inch WiFi Digital Picture Frame

The Nixplay Iris retails for 199.99 on the Nixplay website.  At first, I wanted to call this a high-end tech product for displaying pictures.  Then I started to look around my home at all the picture frames on my wall, some which are designer, and I began adding up the cost.  It dawned on me that I spend way more on picture frames than I’d like to admit.  Not only that I have several boxes and hard drives full of pictures that just stay there.  Now I have a simple, easy to use solution to display these pictures that leaves me clutter free and doesn’t require much effort to set up.  The Nixplay Iris not only is a great product, but it is something that I feel connected to.

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