Online functionality added to the popular Nintendo Switch gaming system.

Avid users of the Nintendo Switch have been craving a bit more online functionality to enhance their gaming experience and today they have it with the release of the iOS Companion App, Nintendo Switch Online. The app has been released ahead of the launch of Splatoon 2, which has game-specific services like SplatNet 2. You can also invite friends to play via social media and use voice chat while gaming, which many users are used to doing with multiplayer games on the console systems. In order to use the services provided with the iOS app, you must be playing a compatible game with the app.

Nintendo Switch Online iOS Companion App Now Available NEWS

The app is free to download, but Nintendo is planning to launch a paid subscription service in 2018 ($20 per year). Users can use it at no charge until that time. It’s also recommended that a steady connection to the Internet is needed, but cellular data may be used. The app essentially gives you a second screen for additional game features.

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