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When I was growing up, my parents always tried to make me the perfect milkshake at home. Unfortunately, it always turned out thicker or thinner than the ‘store bought’ shakes. Even though mom and dad made the shakes with ‘real’ ice cream and milk and didn’t serve me processed milkshake mix, I still had it in my head that the shakes from McDonald’s or Arby’s were better. Now that I’m an adult, I’ve still tried to discover the perfect ‘at home’ milkshake. And, what I’ve been realizing over the years is that it’s not necessarily the ingredients that make the shake — it’s the blender. The Ninja Chef high-speed blender is the answer and the perfect addition to my kitchen.

Ninja Chef High Speed Blender REVIEW

The Ninja Chef blender is part of the SharkNinja family of products. When I got the blender, I didn’t realize that it was a sister product to my Shark Ion Flex cleaning machine, which I love. Even though I had heard great things about the Ninja brand, knowing that I already had experience with the product family instilled, even more, confidence in me that the blender would not only work well but that it would also last for a very long time.

The motor base is an exceptionally powerful 1500-watt system. There are next-generation blades inside the pitcher that are designed to power through tough ingredients. The pitcher is a heavy-duty plastic, 72-ounce behemoth. It can take anything you throw at it and then some. I’m personally glad that there is a large pitcher because it provides you room to grow with your recipes. For example, I could make a smoothie with 8 ounces of milk and I end up with a finished drink that is double in size. Another really unique feature of the Ninja Chef is the hot blending mode. I’d never thought of doing something like this before, but the design of this blender allows you to mix hot ingredients for soups so you can go directly from pitcher to bowl.

Ninja Chef High Speed Blender REVIEW

Set up of the blender is easy. It comes in separate, but already assembled parts. When you open the box, you will find the pitcher, pitcher lid with lid cap, tamper, and the base. The Ninja Chef comes packaged with a recipe guide, full instruction manual, and a quick assembly card. Even though the quick assembly card shows you everything you need to know to get started, it’s still suggested that you read the full manual before getting started. The Ninja Chef has a ‘cleaning’ mode as one of its settings. I think this is brilliant because it gives you a good option to clean the blades without cutting yourself. It is suggested that you clean all the parts in warm, soapy water before your first use. All the attachments are dishwasher safe and you can clean the base with a clean, damp cloth.

Ninja Chef High Speed Blender REVIEW

Assembly is easy. You place the pitcher on the base and lock it in place. Then you add your ingredients into the pitcher. If you have a lot or need to add them gradually, you can remove the lid cap from the lid and lock it into place when you are ready. Once your culinary creation is ready and all your blender parts are locked into place, you can select one of the Auto-IQ programs. This is probably my favorite part of the Ninja Chef. You can always run the Ninja manually, but it has a ‘brain’ telling it the optimal timing for the most-used recipes. For example, the Smoothie setting runs for 50 seconds. It started out with several bursts of power and then runs continuously for a few seconds before finishing with another pulse.

Ninja Chef High Speed Blender REVIEW

The first thing I made with the Ninja Blender was a protein milkshake. I added 8 ounces of milk (measured using the marks on the side of the pitcher), 2 scoops of chocolate protein powder, two scoops of ice cream, and about a cup of ice chips. Then, I set the blender to the Smoothie program. I was able to clean up the ingredients in the time that the blender was running and I didn’t have to worry about it spilling or making a mess of the kitchen because all the parts were locked. The smoothie shake turned out perfectly. With the help of the Ninja Chef, the long-lost homemade milkshake suddenly became attainable.

Ninja Chef High Speed Blender REVIEW

Even though I’ve primarily used a blender for smoothies and other drinks, the Ninja Chef opens up a world of possibilities because I can make things like dips and even cake mixes in this blender. I love the power of the Ninja Chef and can’t wait to see what I can make next.

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