NINES Tactical 9mm Earphones have a unique design and premium sound.

Earbuds. I’ve got nearly a dozen sets. They seem to come with everything from tablets, media players, and smartphones. I have a few pairs I really like though, including my Sennheiser CX 300’s which I’ve had for 5 years that I love, and even the Samsung earbuds that came with my Galaxy S2 a few years ago. Today, I add a new set to the top of my list, the Munitio Nines Tactical 9mm Earbuds. These things look mean and sound meaner.NINES Tactical 9mm Earphones Review

Initial Impressions
Opening the case you would swear you were looking at an ammunition sample. 2 beautifully crafted earbuds each looking like a 9mm shell casing in a shiny titanium coating are presented to you along with a tactical looking pouch you can use to store the earbuds, and various sizes of silicone ear tips that will surely fit your ears. Also inside is an all English manual, and a set of over the ear clips you can use in case the earbuds tend to fall out of your ears when you are jogging.

These are designed for Apple devices, so you may have trouble with the function buttons on Android devices. I had no trouble using the pause and play button or the microphone, but the next and previous buttons didn’t work for me. You can use an app like JAYS Headset Control that will let you make multiple clicks fill in the role of the non-functional buttons.

These things just look awesome and very similar to real 9mm handgun bullets. It almost feels dangerous sticking them in your ears, but once you do you will not be disappointed.

NINES Tactical 9mm Earphones Review

The headset features a Kevlar reinforced rubberized cord which is great for me for when I inevitably get the cord caught on something while working in the yard. The whole package feels built to last.

Audio quality is fantastic. Deep bass, wonderful mids, and clear highs is all I can say. I think these are better than my Sennheisers, but I recommend a little tweaking on your phone’s equalizer app to get things sounding perfect to you. I found the bass a little heavy, but I know a lot of people would find this perfect as is. I was skeptical of the “Bass Enhancing Chamber” mentioned in the manual, but it definitely delivers.

The built in microphone is a nice touch, and I found it to be better than my phone’s microphone for recording voice notes. It was crisp and clear even without moving the inline control/microphone unit from its natural resting place when the earbuds were in my ears.

NINES Tactical 9mm Earphones Review

Final Thoughts
I recommend these for casual listening, running, working out, or any other activity. They are a bit heavy compared to other headsets (maybe the titanium coating?), but I found them to stay in my ears once I selected the correct ear tip from the set of included tips. If you have difficulty, they include those over the ear clips that work great. As for comfort, I found them at least as comfortable as any earbud in my collection. I was worried because of the size, but it was a non-issue for me.

If you want a unique set of earbuds that delivers so much more than a tough look, look no further than the Munitio Nines.

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