A cost-effective unique charger.

With so many wireless products like mobile phones, we still find ourselves wiring up our devices because they need to get charged. There have been times I actually don’t make it through an entire day without plugging my phone into power. Fortunately, I have the new iPhone X, which is compatible with Qi wireless charging devices like the Nillkin Magic Disk 4. It’s a simple charger for charging devices wirelessly like my iPhone.


The Magic Disk 4 is a simple, horizontal wireless charging pad that supports high-speed 9V fast charging mode. It’s compatible with any Qi wireless-enabled device such as the iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy series phones, and the Nokia Lumia phones. What makes the Magic Disk special is its colorful LED light. There is a side button that controls the color options (white, colored, cyan, on/off) so that you have a truly unique charging experience. If you aren’t using a power adapter, the Magic Disk will provide 5V/1A of power delivery.

NILLKIN Magic Disk 4 Wireless Charger REVIEW

User Experience

My first impression of the Magic Disk 4 is that the white and black design is sleek and will look good just about anywhere.  It has a tempered glass top that allows the inner lights to show when connected.  Included with the wireless charger is the USB cable.  The wall adapter is not included but needs one for charging.  You can purchase separately the QC 3.0 wall adapter that will allow you to take advantage of the quick charge capability but I just used one I had laying around my house.

The iPhone X is not compatible for quick charging so the adapter wouldn’t give me much of a benefit.  However, the devices that would be able to use the quick charge feature are Samsung Galaxy Note S7/S7 Edge/S7 Edge Plus/8/S8/S8 Plus/ and the Note 5.  Devices that are Qi charging compatible with standard charging are iPhone X/8/8Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, Nexus 4/5/6, and Nokia Lumia 950/950 XL.  Wireless charging cases and receivers are also able to be used with this charging device.

NILLKIN Magic Disk 4 Wireless Charger REVIEW

The Magic Disk 4 has very nice looking LED glow.  As described above, you just push the button located on the side and you have some options.  My personal favorite is the soft white LED light.  It is subtle and adds a very classic easy-going vibe.  The colorful LED lights look good as well, and the lights are able to be on while not charging if you wanted to use it as a very dim nightlight.  All light options are able to be disabled, so if lights aren’t your thing you aren’t locked in.

So like I said earlier, the fast charge is not for the iPhone X, so if I want a faster charge than what this offers wirelessly, I would connect to a lightning cable for charging.  I do notice a difference in charge speed there.  So for what works best for me is having this by the bed on my nightstand.  I won’t frequently be using it during sleep so speed isn’t an issue.  It is also very convenient to just lay my phone down see the light come on and then fall asleep.

NILLKIN Magic Disk 4 Wireless Charger REVIEW


I always check the price of products to see if the value is there.  It’s currently listed at $25 and I have a similar product that’s on my desk that is double that price.  So to me, it’s a good deal because with houses with multiple rooms it wouldn’t hurt the bank to buy more than one unit to place around.  As long as you have a device that is compatible, I would highly recommend this.

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