NightTone saves your eyes and maybe get a better nights sleep

NightTone iOS App REVIEWI am an IT Professional and I often work on projects at night. Unlike a lot of people who do this kind of work, I am somewhat of a jack of all trades. I do network design and administration, computer security and forensics and web design / Internet Marketing. These jobs vary greatly from each other and from client to client, but one thing is constant; I’m always staring at my computer screen, including reading most books these days.

Research has shown that so called “blue light” which is emitted by televisions and our devices can lead to eye strain especially when viewed in a dimly lit room and more recently it had come to light (no pun intended) that using your devices and watching TV up until bed time can keep your brain active which leads to less restful sleep.

Apple came up with a novel solution this issue with the introduction of NightShift for iOS devices. When activated, NightShift automatically adjust to warm tones which should reduce the likelihood of eye strain and active brains at bed time. Unfortunately, Apple does not offer NightShift for Mac’s, so we are left straining our eyes.

There is a Mac App available that can emulate the features of NightShift and that is NightTone. It’s not an Apple App, but by the elegant design and seamless integration into Mac OS, you would think that Apple designed it.

NightTone iOS App REVIEW

The beauty is in it’s simplicity. Once installed, the App sits in your status bar and the options can be accessed by clicking on the icon. You can choose to start at login, turn on or off the selected tone, schedule times to run the color tone and of course you can choose from many color option and brightness levels.

One thing I really like is that you can choose any color you like if you are in the mood for a custom color to create a mood on your desktop.

The NightTone App is simple, solid and does what it says it will do. Now hopefully I will actually get a decent nights sleep.

DOWNLOAD – NightTone – $2.99 – Mac

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