Three products I’ll remember from CES

CES the Consumer Electronics Show is a massive whirlwind of amazing gadgets, prototypes, and re-hashes from the past. The show is so big it’s nearly impossible to see everything. I have a fairly good memory but when it comes to CES, I just get overwhelmed with the amount of data that is being pushed at me. With that said, here are the three products I saw at CES that will really stick with me in 2018.

Sleep Number i10 Smart Bed with Sleep IQ Technology

First on the list is the Sleep Number’s i10 smart bed. You might think, “What is a bed doing at a tech show?” I can tell you this is not an ordinary bed. This is the ultimate bed and other than it’s incredibly high price, it might be a perfect fit for me. I suffer from chronic pain and I’ve noticed this pain increasing over the past year. I thought that it was other factors in my life, but after sleeping away from my home bed for a week, I noticed that a lot of my aches and pains were dramatically decreased. This got me thinking about investing in a new bed and one that has smart technology built in, like the Sleep Number i10, seemed like a logical leap for me.

Nicks Top Three Favorites From CES 2018

The i10 is part of Sleep Number’s 360 Smart Bed collection. Each side of the bed is adjustable and SleepIQ shows you the effects of the Sleep Number bed on the quality of your sleep. The i10 has sensors built into the mattress that detect your movements. The bed then automatically adjusts firmness, comfort, and support to keep you sleeping rather than being restless. One of the really cool things about these sensors is that they don’t just work to keep your movements minimal, but the mattress will also adjust if snoring is detected.

The biometric sleep tracking technology that is included in the i10 can potentially detect irregular breathing or heartbeat patterns, identify the flu or other local epidemics, help monitor patients in their home for their health care provider, or monitor recovery following medical procedures. In the past, I have used multiple types of sleep tracking devices – like Beddit or the Beautyrest Sleep Tracker – to monitor sleeping patterns. These devices can tell you a lot about the quality of your sleep, but they don’t come close to what the Sleep Number i10 can do AND they are a separate device that must be connected to your bed. The technology is built into the Sleep Number bed.

Nicks Top Three Favorites From CES 2018

Aside from the really cool tech that is apart of the Sleep Number bed, it was seriously the most comfortable bed I’ve ever laid on. The experience of trying out the i10 is not something that I will soon forget.

Learn more about Sleep Number on their website.
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Osmo Mobile 2 from DJI

The second product that I got really excited about was from DJI — the Osmo Mobile 2. Osmo Mobile 2 is a smartphone camera stabilizer that captures smooth videos using DJI’s industry-leading three-axis gimbal technology which cancels out movement in three directions. The device is made to be lightweight and work with modern smartphones like the iPhone X. It has a two-way mobile clamp that allows you to pivot between landscape and portrait mode as well as a 1/4″ universal screw mount so that you can use your favorite photography accessories. The Osmo Mobile 2 has a new zoom slider that lets you operate your smartphone from the handle and produce a dolly zoom effect with your camera.

Nicks Top Three Favorites From CES 2018

Price at $129, I feel that the Osmo Mobile 2 is reasonable for most photographers to obtain. The device has a wonderful balance weight so you don’t feel the strain in your arms when vlogging. The controls feel great and I’m very eager to try it out. I didn’t get to spend a whole lot of time with DJI during CES, but I’m looking forward to using the Osmo Mobile 2 when it becomes available.

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EARGO Hearing Aids

My third and final favorite of CES 2018 is actually something I’ve needed for quite some time — hearing aids. These aren’t just any hearing aids though — these are tiny, in-ear hearing aids from EARGO. EARGO is both a company name and product. The hearing aids are a ‘direct to consumer’ product and not something that you necessarily have to go to an audiologist to obtain. I’ve worked with hearing aids that fall into this category before (read about the MD Hearing Aids here) and had moderate success with them. They are essentially amplifiers and even though they are real hearing aids, they sometimes don’t have all the bells and whistles that some of the more popular brands do. This means that there are preset settings for the hearing aids that you can cycle through.

Nicks Top Three Favorites From CES 2018

EARGO as a company has the mission to empower customers to feel good and make hearing easy. If you’ve never had to deal with trying to get hearing aids, you are lucky. It can be a HUGE struggle and a strain on financial resources as they are quite expensive. EARGO is made of up of ENT surgeons, industry professionals, and tech geeks. They wanted to bring a hearing aid to market that was as close to invisible as possible to combat social stigmas of people who wear visible hearing aids while keeping it cost-effective for people who need to be wearing them. Their EARGO Max provides maximum performance with a minimum size for hearing loss sufferers.

Nicks Top Three Favorites From CES 2018

These hearing aids really are almost invisible and are some of the smallest hearing aids I’ve ever seen. Not only are they small, but they come with a case that can recharge them on the go. They have 18 hours of battery life between each charge and have four settings for a user with mild to moderate hearing loss. Because they are so small, you switch the settings by simply tapping on your ear. The vibration changes modes from mode 1-4. You hear each number when changing so you know what settings you are in and you can change the setting on each ear independently. I received a pair of these while at CES so watch for my full review coming in the following months. I will say this, these are the best direct-to-consumer hearing aids I’ve tried and I can recommend these to people who are in need of a hearing aid but don’t want to break the bank.

Learn more about EARGO on their website.
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CES 2018 ran from January 8th – 12th and had over 180,000 people attending. I found many products that should be mentioned in this post but because of the number of amazing products, we had to limit the list to three each. Jon also has his top three picks out today. Check what he had to say here.


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