Turn Your TV into an Android Device with NextD

I know there have been plenty of times I’ve wanted to use my TV as a monitor for my Galaxy phone or my Kindle. It can be done with a mini-HDMI cable but that requires my device to be tethered to the television. Wouldn’t it be nice if a person could just use the TV as stand-alone Android device without the need for cables? That is exactly what the NextD Player offers.

This stand alone player gives the users the ability to use Android apps right on their TV via an HDMI cable and a network connection. Apps like Facebook, Pinterest, and Gmail on up to Netflix and Google Earth can be used with ease. Games, shopping and even internet browsing can be done using you Android or Apple phone as a remote. Really, almost anything you can download through Google play store is accessible on the NextD player.

NextD Smart TV Android Box REVIEW

Because I’m a streamer, I’ll start there. I was most impressed with the Netflix app and its interface on this device. That being said, there is also the Kodi app which allows you to stream your own media from your WiFi network or and external HDD. With it, you have control over streaming music, photos, video, and even software. Included in the Kodi app are add-ons that give you access to different sources for streaming Television shows. Now I had some trouble here. I was met with the message saying I needed a firmware update with absolutely no information on how or where to do this. Without the update I was unable to stream some of the network programmings I was trying to watch.

I was also disappointed in the remote access from my phone. The controls were lagging. I found it virtually impossible to play any games that required any amount of accurate timing in the controls. I suppose that can be expected when using a phone as a video game controller but I hoped for better response. With that said, this is still a very useful device. It has 2 USB ports to be used for a mouse, keyboard, game controller, external memory, or even a webcam. With the Skype app and webcam installed you’ve now employed your television for video chat. Did I mention it’s not just for flat screens? There is also a composite hookup so it can be used with older televisions. An ethernet connection is also available for those without a WiFi connection.

NextD Smart TV Android Box REVIEW

In the box you’ll find the NextD player, a remote for setup, and power cord and instructions. I didn’t find the instructions very necessary. It’s as close to plug and play as you can get. The remote is for setup purposes only but can be used instead of a phone. All in all, this is a very useful device. Yes it has a few drawbacks but with the countless possible uses it certainly has something to offer everybody. I know with endless possible uses I’m excited to use the NextD player even taking into consideration the couple shortcomings of the controls and unavailability of the update.

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